Recent college grad can’t believe she spent ‘$27,000 just to major in acting’

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‘I just setup my loan payment’: Recent college grad can’t believe she spent $27,000 ‘just to major in acting’

‘Seeing the final number was bone chilling.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a TikTok video, an actor shared the hefty price she paid to graduate with a bachelor of fine arts in acting.

In the video, user @a1m0ndm1k is filming herself right after finding out exactly how much she owes on her acting degree. She explains she just graduated college and had to set up her loan payment account for the first time.

“I just said, alone to myself, ‘$27,000 just to major in acting,’” @a1m0ndm1k said as she covered her face and chuckled.

The video has more than 26,000 views and over 50 comments.

“Seeing the final number was bone chilling,” @a1m0ndm1k wrote in the caption.

Backstage, an online news and tip site for performers, reported that acting school can vary widely in price, from $9,580 for yearly tuition at a public school, ballooning all the way up to $59,000 at a top-rated private school.

Acting classes can range from $150 to $2,000, depending on the location, duration, class size, and instructor reputation. Group acting lessons can run about $20 to $80 per hour in the two major markets —Los Angeles and New York City.


Seeing the final number was bone chilling

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Assuming @a1m0ndm1k’s program took the traditional four years, she took out about $6,750 per year in loans. Her total owed is very in line with the average owed per borrower in the United States, which sits at around $28,950, according to Forbes.

Despite the shocking number, when asked if she felt that her degree was worth it, @a1m0ndm1k said it was.

“I am also 100x better at acting now in spite of a few crazy teachers here and there lol,” she said in a comment.

The actress was also quick to shut down haters in the comments.

“Shame on a family member not telling you that was a bad idea,” one person said.

“Girl that’s a choice you made lol it was an in investment in an acting degree,” another wrote.

To which @a1m0ndm1k responded, asking if they were deprived of motherly love or had never heard a joke.

Other commetners shared their own student loan debt situations.

“29k to major in anthropology with a minor in theatre…. I feel u,” a top comment read.

“Um… that’s it?? I’m going to be 140k in debt when I finish my bachelors…” a student wrote.

“I had to join the military to pay off my college debts, only to go back to school after bc I hated engineering,” another shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to @a1m0ndm1k via TikTok comment.

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