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‘As a former Chipotle worker, I am so sorry’: Customer says Chipotle worker kept adding things to her bowl that she didn’t ask for

'I literally had ICE in my bowl the last time I ordered online.'


Brooke Park


Posted on May 12, 2023

One Tiktoker is calling on Chipotle to reform her local store after she observed a pattern of incorrect orders.

User Sky (@skysolomon_) described in a viral TikTok clip that gained more than 102,000 views as of Friday that a disgruntled employee recklessly constructed her burrito bowl “mad fast,” adding toppings Sky had not requested.

Yet Sky, who said she worked in the service industry before and thus had compassion for the bad day the employee in question may be experiencing, let it slide and kept her manners. But Sky said she physically cannot eat corn. So when the maize fell into the bowl, Sky objected.

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“Keep in mind, I’m the only customer in the store at this point,” Sky explained from Miami, Florida. “Then she goes ahead and again remakes it mad fast, mad sloppy.”

Sky said she decided to go unbothered by the situation and left with her bowl. Now, when the Chipotle craving strikes, Sky said she and her friends order from a location a few miles away. However, one day, she said she forgot to change the address on Uber Eats, and another tedious conflict over her meal unraveled.

Doubting her local Chipotle’s ability to deliver an accurate order, Sky said she asked her Uber Eats driver to check the order. With the aid of Google Translate, the man, who Sky said spoke little English, confirmed her suspicions. The rice, tomatoes, fajitas were missing, she said. Instead, a combination of chicken, sour cream and guacamole made up her burrito bowl.

Sky still offered the restaurant the benefit of the doubt and asked her driver if it was busy. It was not, the driver allegedly replied.

Sky said finally lost her patience when the employee ridiculed the Uber Eats driver to her colleagues for speaking Spanish.

“Oh, that triggered me like one thing you’re not about to do is belittle someone because they don’t know English,” Sky said. “So he puts me on speaker, and I let her know, ‘Not only are you gonna remake my bowl again, you’re going to apologize to this man, or I’m going to come down there, and me and your manager are going to have a word.”

Sky ended the video by saying she understands that mistakes happen. But considering the frequency, she thinks the errors may be on purpose. The Daily Dot contacted Sky via Instagram direct message and Chipotle via email.

“Imagine if a little kid with the allergy eats something because y’all were not careful with what you were putting in that bowl,” she concluded. “Chipotle, I need y’all to figure this out.”

The internet has previously criticized Chipotle’s order reliability before. In late April, on TikTok user claimed Chipotle botched her order three times.

And many commenters described similar experiences at their local Chipotle.

“This happens at my location ALL the time. I used to be a (manager) for Chipotle,” one viewer shared. “So disappointing how low they’ve gone.”

“I literally had ICE in my bowl the last time I ordered online,” one seconded.

“As a former Chipotle worker, I am so sorry,” another wrote. “There are so many stores that treat people like shit for no reason.”

Despite the dissatisfaction, Chipotle stocks are thriving, with sales exceeding projections by 30 million.

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*First Published: May 12, 2023, 6:56 am CDT