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‘Do I look like a damn bunny rabbit?’: Chipotle customer receives bowl of just lettuce via DoorDash

‘I didn’t do this. You can’t even do this on DoorDash.’


Braden Bjella


Delivery orders are notoriously unreliable. No matter how specific one’s directions are, there are sure to be at least one or two mistakes. The order could be missing items, be delivered to the wrong location, or, in the case of TikTok user Asaiah (@asaiahlewis), be so incorrect that it’s downright befuddling.

In a video with over 284,000 views, Asaiah says he ordered food from Chipotle via DoorDash. When the bowl arrived, it contained much fewer ingredients than he ordered.

“Why is there only lettuce in here?” he asks as he pulls the top off of his burrito bowl. There was, in fact, only lettuce in his bowl. “I didn’t do this. You can’t even do this on DoorDash. You can’t even just order lettuce.”

@asaiahlewis do i look like a damn bunny rabbit? @chipotle count your days #doordash #chipotle #fypシ ♬ original sound – asaiah

On the container itself, the order says that the customer requested a “Salad with Salad Lettuce.” If this were true, then the order would be correct, though Asaiah insists this isn’t the case.

In fact, in a follow-up video, Asaiah claims he went to the Chipotle location in-person to demand a refund. The location allegedly refused and claimed the error was on the part of DoorDash.

@asaiahlewis Replying to @karisac122 i went up there & almost cussed them out. rude asses #update #chipotle #fypシ #doordashfail ♬ original sound – asaiah

Numerous commenters agreed with this assessment.

“It was a glitch on the doordash app. They only saw lettuce. Blame the janky DoorDash app, not the workers,” said a user. “This is why I don’t do delivery.”

“As a chipotle employee it must be glitching when the order is on the screen because the employee made the bowl right by what’s on the sticker,” echoed another.

That said, users in the comment section allege that this glitch is common, with many sharing similar stories.

“Chipotle did this to me. I got a bowl of just beans,” claimed a commenter. “I never ordered from them on doordash again.”

“Something similar happened to me but it was just a bowl of chicken,” recalled a second. “I was so confused.”

“OMG they did that to me once but it was only guacamole??? And then I didn’t get a refund,” offered a third.

Asaiah later posted another follow-up saying he was eventually able to secure a refund.

@asaiahlewis Replying to @karisac122 #greenscreen doordash support mothered with this one 😌 #chipotle #doordash #update ♬ original sound – asaiah

According to Asaiah, he received a full refund and an additional $10 in DoorDash credit.

In the comments section, users offered further advice about the situation.

“Order chipotle though thr chipotle app instead of doordash it’s cheaper,” suggested a commenter.

“You need to go to chipotle’s website and complain there too,” offered an additional TikToker. “They will give you free meals.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash, Chipotle, and Asaiah via email. 

Update 11:03am CT April 6: In an email to the Daily Dot, Asaiah says nothing like this has happened to him before. That said, he writes, “of course I will still be using DoorDash (I don’t cook lol).”

He closes with some advice for viewers. “If it happens to you….always ask for the most amount of DoorDash credit on top of your refund,” he states.

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