Chick-fil-A worker has to freeze while taking orders outside after not paying for $60 jacket out of own pocket

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‘They left me outside for 3 hours’: Chick-fil-A worker has to freeze while taking orders outside after refusing to pay $60 for uniform jacket

‘They don’t let you wear a different jacket?’


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The cost of a uniform jacket made one Chick-fil-A worker decide to withstand chilly weather rather than spend money on the outerwear.

In a viral video that has racked up over 2.9 million views as of Monday, user DJ (@coolkid._3) stands outside in a short-sleeved shirt, facing what appears to be frigid weather without a coat.

“Me freezing my ahh off outside at work bc I refused to spend $60 for a uniform work jacket,” the text overlaid on the video read.

The clip is only a few seconds long, but makes one point clear: The worker would rather be cold than hand over cash for the jacket. And apparently, it didn’t matter to Chick-fil-A whether or not their employee was dressed for the weather. He still had to get his job done and worked a few hours of his shift out in the cold.

“They left me outside for 3hrs yesterday,” the worker wrote in the clip’s caption.


They left me outside for 3hrs yesterday… ts was trifling 🙄

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According to Chick-fil-A’s website where employer uniforms can be purchased, the cost of its trademarked outerwear ranges from $29 for a pullover to $70 for a Tanasbourne Rain Parka. The store’s heaviest coat costs $161.50.

Different stores are allowed to maintain their own employee dress codes but follow similar standards. Workers are expected to wear a trademarked shirt and fitted pants, however, it is unclear whether there is a rule that mandates the restaurant’s employees should wear trademarked coats as well.

In the video’s comments section, many questioned whether or not the TikToker’s store made it mandatory to wear the coats with the store’s logo.

“They don’t let you wear a different jacket?” User TheOmega6TTV asked.

“NO BROOO,” DJ responded.

Others offered up tips for dealing with the cold without busting the worker’s budget.

“Try wearing ya sweatshirts UNDER your uniform, so the sleeves will stick out and the hoodie but it will block the e design, might work,” user Hannah said.

Others offered up their Chick-fil-A gear for free to the worker.

“I have a large fleece jacket from when I worked at CFA before I moved!” one commenter offered. “I’d love to send it to you!!!”

The Daily Dot reached out to DJ by TikTok comment and Chick-fil-A via contact form for more information about their dress code policies.

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