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‘Mine tasted like cough syrup’: Chick-fil-A worker reveals which new Cherry Berry drinks you don’t want to try

'First reaction: It’s yummy. Tart on the end, though.'


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Posted on Apr 9, 2024   Updated on Apr 9, 2024, 7:46 pm CDT

Any time a popular chain restaurant introduces a promotional menu item, it can be hard to cut through the hype. Should you actually drive over and try the new treat, or is it a bust? One Chick-fil-A worker recently helped out fans of the fast food chain with a review of its new Cherry Berry-flavored drinks.

Creator Miri (@mirithesiren) posted her viral video on Monday, and it already has 1.5 million views and around 192,000 likes. Chick-fil-A announced the Cherry Berry menu items on April 4.

Miri, who bought the drinks herself and had the receipt to prove it, displayed the four Cherry Berry variations in the video: lemonade, sweet tea, Sunjoy, and frosted. 

“Our Cherry Berry’s supposed to be super refreshing,” Miri said, explaining that the new syrup combines the flavors of cherry, cranberry, and blueberry.

She kicked the taste test off with lemonade. “First reaction: It’s yummy,” she said. “Tart on the end, though.” The sip was not overpowering, she added, and folks who like cranberry juice will enjoy it. 

The sweet tea came next. “I think this might already be my winner,” she said, adding that the tea and Cherry Berry flavors don’t compete. “They blend seamlessly.”

“This is a solid 10 out of 10 for me,” she said.

The Sunjoy—which is made with Cherry Berry syrup, lemonade, and sweet tea—was next. “OK, sweet tea was knocked off top spot. This is the perfect combination,” she said. Miri recommended that customers who find the Sunjoy too cloying try it with unsweet tea instead.

“This is definitely summer,” she said.

The frosted—made with Cherry Berry syrup, lemonade, and ice cream—got the lowest marks from Miri. “I can’t really taste the Cherry Berry,” she said.

Miri added, “Maybe it needs extra pumps, because all I’m tasting is lemon.”

The creator used a cheat code for a surprise fifth drink: A vanilla shake with Cherry Berry syrup. It’s an off-menu creation not available for sale. “If you’re not an employee, you can’t have this drink, unfortunately,” she said. Miri loved the shake, which is good news for Chick-fil-A workers and bad news for the plebes not serving in S. Truett Cathy’s fried chicken army.

Viewers gave their own Cherry Berry reviews and ideas in the comments.

“I think a cherry berry Dr. Pepper would be amazing,” one viewer commented.

“Mine tasted like cough syrup,” someone commented. Another viewer wrote, “I thought the Sunjoy tasted like Robitussin.”

“Chocolate shake and cherry berry would also be a great employee combo,” another commenter wrote.

“I know the frosted BUSSS … I love a berry and cream drink,” one person wrote.

“I just got it today. I was very disappointed,” another viewer chimed in. Another customer replied, “same it tastes like a starburst.”

“I loved the cherry berry lemonade. I want a cherry berry water,” one person commented.

“The 1st one you tried I got yesterday … it reminded me of a sweet tart,” another comment read.

“The frosted taste like strawberry yogurt,” a viewer added.

According to the Chick-fil-A website, the Cherry Berry drinks are a spring seasonal promotion. They’re only available for a limited time at participating restaurants. 

“Our Guests have always enjoyed both cherry and berry flavors, especially during the Spring season. We wanted to explore how to deliver that burst of fruit flavor they love, in a way that is unique to Chick-fil-A and that pairs so well with our menu items,” Chick-fil-A Chef Christy Cook said in a press statement.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Miri and Chick-fil-A via email. 

Over the weekend, another TikTok creator went viral with a theory that the fast food company rolled out the new drink flavor to distract from the news that it’s changing its chicken.

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*First Published: Apr 9, 2024, 8:30 pm CDT