McDonald's drive thru worker with headset and caption 'Me ignoring the headset all shift' (l) McDonald's drive thru with sign (c) McDonald's drive thru worker with headset and caption 'Me ignoring the headset all shift' (r)

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‘It be dying when people tryna talk’: Dreaded ‘change battery’ message comes on just as McDonald’s drive-thru worker takes order

"And then you hear that 'goodbye' in the middle of an order."


Jack Alban


Posted on Apr 22, 2023

Sometimes, being able to share in a communal frustrating experience is enough to bring people together, which seems to be the case with a viral TikTok posted by McDonald’s worker Mario Scott.

Scott posted a viral clip on the popular video-based social media application about the persistent “Change Battery” message that comes up on Mickey D’s workers’ headsets that alert them to find a new power source for their headset.

Many commenters who replied to his clip expressed their ire for this message, with some joking that it almost always seems to pop up at the worst possible moments.

“Me ignoring the headset all shift,” the TikToker writes as a McDonald’s employee can be seen, their back turned to the camera, as they continue to work on a terminal.

A voice constantly says, “Change…battery. Change…battery…” throughout the 13-second clip, which also shows the same worker walking through the kitchen and then sitting in a restaurant booth while pantomiming texting on their phone until the voice becomes frustrated and says, “Do you listen big head mother [expletive] change the [expletive] battery!”

@cactusmvrkss I dont change the battery until it dies 😂😂#mcdonalds #work #foryou #humor #funny ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

It’s received more than 700,000 views since being posted on Friday.

Viewers who saw the post remarked that they too have experienced similar issues with headsets constantly prompting them to change the battery while they’re in the middle of work: “‘Hey can I get uh dou-CHANGE BATTERY,'” one person quipped.

Others remarked that the headsets often die out on them while they’re in the middle of assisting a customer, “It be dying when people tryna talk,” and another commented that headsets seem to have a tendency to die at the most inopportune times: “And then you hear that ‘goodbye’ in the middle of an order.”

However there were some who said that they are punctilious about swapping out the battery the second they hear the message: “Nah I go change it as soooooon as I hear ittt,” while another commented, “ours start saying change battery when it’s still got 2/4 bars but I can’t stand it so I change it straight away.”

Scott isn’t the only McDonald’s employee who has published a TikTok criticizing the low battery message on the chain’s headsets. Another user on the platform, EFOSA (@bnmefosa) says, “Nothing is more annoying than your headset screaming ‘change battery.'”

And redditor @TheDiamondss published a meme that shows an image of a headset that reads: “You know you’ve been working for too long when you hear ‘low battery'”

Scott has also previously shared his gripes working for McDonald’s on TikTok, like his dismay for customers who ask that they be given “fresh” food.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Scott via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 22, 2023, 4:10 pm CDT