Recruiter explains that candidate thanked him for rejecting him


‘This is how low the bar is for recruiters’: Recruiter says candidate thanked him for rejecting him

"I'd rather hear a 'no' than nothing."


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on May 13, 2023

Job hunting in the current market can be difficult in some fields. From participating in long interview processes only to be rejected, to extreme competition for existing roles, there are currently multiple obstacles between job seekers and employment.

One of these obstacles is a lack of communication from hiring managers. Many job hunters have voiced their complaints about being ignored or ghosted by recruiters after applying to hundreds of roles.

Jesse Zulack, (@canadianrecruiter) a content creator on TikTok who focuses on the inside aspects of recruiting, shared that he had received a thank-you email from a candidate he had just rejected, for simply letting him know that he did not get the job.


PSA. Recruiters, do better!

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“This is how low the bar is for recruiters,” Zulack says in the video. “I just had a candidate send me an email after I gave him a call to reject him for a job, and he was thanking me for calling him. That is wild. He told me that he gets ghosted more often than not, people just don’t get back to him. But actually getting a phone call to explain why he didn’t get the job with some feedback impressed him. Crazy.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Zulack via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Multiple commenters shared that they had recruiters and hiring managers ghost them after the interview process.

“I’d say about 90% just don’t reply at all,” one commenter wrote. “An automated reply your resume came in and that’s it. Not even a rejection, nothing.”

“THIS!” another user said. “I’m so tired of applying to jobs only for it to feel like you throw your application in the trash.”

“I feel like I applied to 150 jobs in 2 weeks. and only got a few emails,” another viewer shared. “No feedback… now I’m questioning my life choices.”

Others expressed that they would like to see other recruiters provide feedback, so they might learn how to have better interviews in the future.

“I always ask for feedback but never get it,” a user said. “1 company emailed saying they don’t give feedback as policy.”

“From all my interviews I had 1 that gave me feedback,” another user wrote. “Guy told me I was completely underqualified and what is needed for the industry. best guy.”

“Thanks for doing that,” one user said. “It was a recruiter that contacted me about the rejection that gave real feedback that really matters as a catalyst to my career.”

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*First Published: May 13, 2023, 12:25 pm CDT