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‘We match you for the same price’: Buffalo Wild Wings shares hack for 15 free boneless wings in PSA


Marlin Ramos


Posted on Sep 4, 2023

If you like free chicken, make sure to keep your Thursday dinner plans open and make a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. Keep reading this PSA to learn more about menu hacks and promotions that can get you tons of free food from the wing chain, according to one employee.

In the video, Madonna Ramirez (@madonna.angel.r) is wearing a Buffalo Wild Wings uniform and explaining to viewers how to get free wings. 

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Buffalo Wild Wings every Thursday has a BOGO deal where if you go in, you buy up to 15 boneless wings, we match you for the same price. Of what? The quantity you ordered,” Madonna explains. The text overlay reads, “You’re welcome” with a hand offering emoji and the heart hands emoji.

They continue to do some quick math and spell out how the promotion works. They explain that if you get 15 boneless wings, the restaurant will match another 15. Which means you’d go home with 30 boneless wings while only paying for 15. Of course, this offer is only good on Thursdays. However, there is a similar offer for non-boneless wings on Tuesdays. 

The video has amassed more than 62,000 views and 800 comments. Madonna captions the video, “FREE FOOD #buffallowings buffallowildwings #wings #freefood #tipoftheday #igotyou.”

@madonna.angel.r FREE FOOD #buffallowings buffallowildwings #wings #freefood #tipoftheday #igotyou ♬ original sound – ₥₳ĐØ₦₦₳ Ɽ₳₥łⱤɆⱫ.

Based on the comments it seems that many were already aware of this deal, but others just found out thanks to Madonna.

“Been known this me and the Boyz get wings every Thursday,” wrote one Buffalo Wild Wings enthusiast.

“not all heroes wear capes. You’re obviously a Guardian angel,” another user wrote.

“Yep paid 52 and some change for 60 wings. 6 different flavors for dinner last week,” a third user wrote.

The Buffalo Wild Wings site confirms that there is a BOGO deal every Thursday specifically on boneless wings. The full details of the boneless wing offer says that the promotion is available for delivery and take out, but that delivery depends on the store’s capacity to accommodate for this service. Customers are also limited to only one order with this offer. 

But perhaps the biggest caveat to be aware of for those interested in the offer is that it’s “Valid only for orders placed thru BWW App/website,” according to the full details on the site. A comment on the video underscores this caveat about the need to order in advance on the app, to which Madonna responded, “Weird, I didn’t know there was a coupon online for that.” This makes it unclear if the offer might also be available in-store or only on the app/site.

To make sure you get as much boneless chicken on Thursdays as possible, it might be smartest to order on the Buffalo Wild Wings app or website just to play it safe.   

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madonna and Buffalo Wilds Wings for comment via email.

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*First Published: Sep 4, 2023, 2:53 pm CDT