Customer defends Arby's hot honey boneless wings

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‘I been eating them for the past 2 nights’: Customer defends Arby’s hot honey boneless wings

‘Arbys has always been good idc.’


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An Arby’s devotee professed her love for the chain’s hot honey boneless wings in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 37,000 views as of Saturday.

Throngs of other folks seemed to agree with her assessment of Arby’s offering.

TikTok user Brittany (@brittbratt305) starts her video by showing off a hot honey barbecue boneless wing on camera.

“Y’all can talk that junk about Arby’s but we’re not finna sit here and act like their hot honey barbecue boneless wings ain’t it,” she says.

@brittbratt305 Because arbys is so goodt @Arbys #foodtok #foodlover #fastfood #fyp ♬ original sound – Brittany

Other people agreed with Brittany, calling the fast-food meal with a flavored tea or lemonade one of the best fast food offerings around.

“Them wings with a peach or strawberry lemonade top tier,” a top comment read.

“They SMACK no lie I been eating them for the past 2 nights,” another person wrote.

There were other pairings from the popular fast-food chain customers seemed to enjoy as well, with a user commenting, “Girl I had them yesterday with a Apple turnover when I tell you it was good af.”

In March 2022, Arby’s brought back its hot honey sauce and buffalo boneless wings for a limited time, and the pairing must’ve been a hit with customers because the chain brought it back the following year. Ellen Rose, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer, was quoted on the Inspire Brands website as saying that the tremendous response the chain’s hot honey sauce and boneless wings have garnered every time they’ve dropped made the decision to bring them back an easy one.

“We’ve had such a great fan response each time boneless wings have been on our menu, and we know that Buffalo and Hot Honey BBQ are both flavors that our guests crave…and we’re so excited to extend the beloved sauce to our boneless wings while simultaneously bringing the of-the-moment Hot Honey BBQ flavor back to the menu for every boneless wing lover to enjoy,” they said.

As for the hate that Brittany referenced in her video that Arby’s receives, many forum posts and videos have wondered why so many folks enjoy dunking on Arby’s. It’s even become a recurring joke across various cartoons and TV shows such as Conan O’Brien, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

According to one forum poster, the reason why they dislike Arby’s is because “The beef tastes of filth,” even though several others in same thread said that they enjoy eating there.

While there are tons of folks who are quick to throw Arby’s under the bus, Brittany, and several other TikTokers who responded to her post about the chain’s hot honey wings aren’t one of them.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Arby’s and Brittany via email for further comment.

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