Customers buy tickets to AMC Theater. They pull up streaming services on the projector

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‘Bro we paid $50 for this?’: Customers buy tickets to AMC Theater. They pull up streaming services on the projector

'Might as well buy it at the crib.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Mar 29, 2024   Updated on Mar 28, 2024, 1:38 pm CDT

An AMC customer is calling out the theater for pulling up a streaming service on the projector in a viral video.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS @AMC Theatres??” the TikTok user, B Free (@notbfree), wrote in the caption, complaining about the fact that they purchased tickets for a streamed screening. The clip has amassed over 340,000 views as of Thursday evening.

The video shows not the latest record-breaking blockbuster, but an AMC tech awkwardly navigating a Smart TV Interface to project a UFC Fight on the big screen. The scene is accompanied by B Free and his friend’s annoyed commentary.

“Always messing stuff up, man,” B Free comments, marking the start of an ordeal that many moviegoers might find all too familiar. As the video plays out, his friend quips that he has “the Roku app on his phone,” snarkily suggesting that this experience is anything but special.

“Bro, we paid $50 for this. This happens every time,” they lament, calling into question the lack of staff expertise and the price point.

The internet’s reaction was mixed, with a lean towards humor and criticism directed at B Free and his friend. Some shared playful jabs.

“Bro wants a live event on film,” one commenter wrote.

“Blud thought they had the fight on imax 70mm,” another said.

A third added, “Bro thought he was getting in the octagon.”

Others were shocked at the price they paid. As one commenter wrote, “Bro, $50 is insane. Might as well buy it at the crib.”

This incident surfaces amidst a broader crisis in the cinema world. With only 852 million movie tickets sold in 2023, a stark 46% decrease from the peak year of 2002 and a 31% drop from 2019, the industry faces an existential threat. The post-pandemic world saw people flocking to restaurants, airplanes, cruise ships, and especially Taylor Swift concerts, yet the allure of the big screen continued to wane. This decline persisted in 2023 despite the temporary boost from the simultaneous release of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” in July, which, while notable, has yet to reverse the trend.

@notbfree ARE YOU SERIOUS @AMC Theatres?? 😤🤣💀 #fyp #amc #amctheaters #ufc299 #seanomalley #danawhite #roku #rokucity #funny #random ♬ original sound – B Free

AMC Theatres and others have tried to stem this tide by enhancing the movie-going experience—think AMC signature recliners, real food, beer, and wine. Yet, the structural decline seems only to have accelerated, with AMC now charging as much as $18 for an adult ticket at its AMC in major cities.

The introduction of UFC fights in theatres is another novel attempt to attract audiences. Yet, incidents like the one B Free experienced may deter future viewers, who could find it more appealing to stream content from the comfort of their homes further exasperating the cinema-going, or lack thereof, trend.   

The Daily Dot has reached out to AMC via email and B Free for comment.  

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2024, 12:00 am CDT