Woman shares the raging anxiety she gets when needs to ask strangers to move from isle seat so she can use the restroom


‘The fact that I have to make 2 strangers get up so I can pee gives me raging anxiety’: Airplane passenger says window seat is stressful, sparking debate

‘I’m the flip due to my anxiety disorder.’


Melody Heald


The window vs. aisle seat debate has been with us as long as there have been airlines, but it’s historically about convenience vs. #views. Now one clip is going viral for its ability to tap into our collective inner monologues.

The 5-second video features TikTok user Cassandra Bischoff (@cassbischoff) sitting in an airplane, sipping on her Starbucks. Bischoff says that she’s not a “window seat gal” because the “fact that I have to make two strangers get up so I can pee gives me raging anxiety.” In her opinion, the “aisle seat for life” is for her. Throughout the video, Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” song plays.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bischoff via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video garnered 618,800 views as of Monday, resonating with many viewers who agreed that window seats trigger their anxiety.


Anexity girlies unite ✈️

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“I’m right there with you,” one viewer wrote.

“ME!!!!!!!!! I’ve found my people,” a second agreed.

“Aisle all the way,” a third echoed.

Some shared their reasons why they prefer the aisle seat.

“I just feel too squished in and trapped on the window side,” one user shared.

“SAME. I don’t mind getting woken up if u need to go to the bathroom, but it bothers me to wake someone else up,” a second commented.

“Fr. I don’t want inconvenience them to get up twice. Once for you to get out and another for you to get back in,” a third said.

On the other hand, others preferred the window seat for different reasons.

“I’m the flip due to my anxiety disorder. Have to watch out the window most of the flight,” one person revealed.

“I fidget too much in an aisle seat and I keep trying to look out someone else’s window lol,” a third stated.

“Window seat and try to sleep as much as possible,” a third remarked.

In the TikTok era, the wildly specific yet relatable mundanities of airport travel have regularly gone viral, from female pilots being mistaken for attendants due to rampant sexism, to the tricks airplane staffers pull on travelers who drink too much. Pre-TikTok, the airport was a check-in on Facebook or an Instagram from the wine bar. Now it’s a theater.

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