His fans love him as king.

Today, Time dropped its new cover, which portrays President Donald Trump looking into a mirror and seeing himself as king.

Time‘s cover story is an attempt to warn America about Trump’s declaration that he could pardon himself, elevating him above past presidents (and possibly the Constitution), and positioning him as more monarch than elected official.

While that should be a haunting prospect for some, it was instead met with glee by Trump’s most ardent online supporters, denizens of r/The_Donald.

They have long referred to Trump as America’s God Emperor and were enthusiastic at seeing their dreams recognized by a national publication.

Mirror, Mirror on THE WALL, who’s the WOKEST of us ALL?? from The_Donald

Time Magazine honors Trump again!!! Beautiful cover. The left can’t meme. from The_Donald

The Man Who Would Be King.Time your meme is wayyy behind the times. from The_Donald

In the responses to the posts, users were elated.

You can’t scare the people that want it to happen.

David Covucci

David Covucci

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