But at least people are talking.

Four days after the launch of “Day One,” Mitt Romney’s newest campaign ad, YouTube commenters are still divided on how to react.

The minute long ad shows what might happen if Romney beats President Barack Obama in November and what would happen on his first day in office. The job-focused footage features plenty of smiling faces, handshakes, and farm equipment.

On Wednesday morning, more than 430,000 people have viewed it and 1,098 people had “liked” it. Unfortunately for Romney, 1,002 had “disliked” it. While that’s nowhere near some of the most disliked campaign ads on YouTube, it’s significant that viewers are so evenly split.

The comments section became a battleground for those for and against Romney and the video.

“I choose lower gas prices and will be voting for President Romney!” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“Huh… Funny that when Mitt Romney was the governor, masschusetts was 47th in job making,” responded another.

The discussion also rolled over to Facebook, where Romney had posted the video twice, once on Friday and again on Sunday. There the video has received more warmly and combined, the video had gained more than 50,000 “likes,” almost 10,000 comments and nearly 1,000 shares.

As also, commenters argued the merits of their own candidates, however some expressed disappointment in Romney for turning his back on his past political records, as noted by John J. McCarthy:

“Its really sad you cant be yourself Mitt. I believe your a really caring, compassionate and moderate republican. You cant move to the center because you have been jaded and sold out to the far far right. What a waste of someone that could really meet Americans in the middle and make this country work for everyone.”

But for some, the shortfalls of Obama’s time in the White House outweigh Romney’s past, as Ossil V. Macavinta wrote:

“That’s vision! Let’s vote this time on track record. Romney help brought to life Sport Authority, Staples, Domino’s Pizza and was responsible for ONE of the MOST Successful Winter Olympics. If you were to ask yourself, what did President Obama do that made him qualified for the job? Did he actually make a contribution to the economy by adding new jobs such as Sports Authority, Stables etc.? I can’t think of anything that comes to mind, except that he was a 2 year Senator with Community Organizing experience.”  

Photo via YouTube

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