Romney Girl sings about Mitt’s wealth and offshore accounts to the tune of “Barbie Girl.”

With Obama Girl taking a step back from the political arena this election, it was only a matter of time before Romney Girl came online to take her place.

But it’s not what you think: Romney Girl might not have a crush on Mitt Romney, but she is his Swiss Mistress.

She sings about living a fantastic, taxless life and taking advantage of Romney’s reported $255 million net worth in a parody to the tune and style of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” music video.

“Hi Romney!” she says, “Do you have something to hide?”

“Well yeah, jump in!” Romney responds.

While enjoying the rich life and partying with Romney, Romney Girl criticizes the Republican Presidential candidate for refusing to release his tax returns, holding off-shore bank accounts and founding investment firm Bain Capital.

“I am rich, oh the joy!” Romney sings, “If I win, you’re unemployed!”

Romney Girl even claims to be the “secret source” who purportedly told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that Romney hadn’t been paying taxes for the last decade.

“I thought it was so funny that a Senator would actually think that rich people pay taxes!” Romney Girl said when asked why she told Reid about Romney’s alleged tax avoidance. “So silly!”

Romney Girl was created by the Agenda Project Action Fund. According to its website, the Fund aims to inform Americans about corrupt officials in office and “aggressively challenge individuals and institutions of power that prevent public policy from serving the American people.”

“Our goal is that we’ll spark people’s interest in understanding more about his taxes,” Agenda Project Action Fund President Erica Payne told ABC News. “We are obviously not trying to make a serious video, but we felt like sometimes if you have a really serious subject and you need a lot of people to understand it, it could be better to approach it with a non-serious take.”

The Fund also purchased airtime to broadcast a shortened version of the video in New York, Washington, D.C., Denver, Wisconsin, and Raleigh, N.C. for less than $1 million.

Photo via YouTube

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