Donald Trump with a tweet in his mouth

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Here are the 12 worst things Donald Trump has tweeted about women

Trump said he supports women, but does he?


David Covucci

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Today is International Women’s Day, and in response to their distaste for the man in the Oval Office, women across America are participating in a voluntary strike to show their impact on the world.

One person who ostensibly supports them is the man they are protesting, Donald Trump.

He took to Twitter this morning to voice his solidarity.

Many noted the tweets were sent from an iPhone, which is typically controlled by a staffer, whereas Trump’s missives and screeds come from his Android.

But that’s not to say he personally hasn’t made his sentiments known. Many times throughout his campaign, he took to social media to reiterate that he is the most supportive person of women ever.

However, a glance through his very active Twitter feed over the years shows that… may not be the case? Judge for yourself.

Here is the president appalled that a woman wanted to care for her child.

And appalled that any woman would want to feed their child. The horror!

Trump certainly loves to use cliches to describe women.

But maybe perhaps not as much as he loves victim-blaming.

Or just not adjusting to the times.

Just think about this one. The president specifically thinks women are less tough than men.

Here he is lauding his absolute favorite thing about women: their hotness.

Oh sorry, here he is lauding his absolute favorite thing about women. How hot they are when they are young.

(Also, an aside, there is no talent or skill in dating people who are younger than you.)

Here’s just a string of Trump tweets calling women ugly.

You can see why maybe his staff sent those tweets today instead of him.

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