Donald Trump sniffling

Screenshot via NBC News/YouTube

‘No, no sniffling, no.’

Was Donald Trump‘s sniffling a conspiracy to make him look bad? 

Yes, maybe, according to the Republican nominee, who has denied sniffling at all despite video evidence and tens of millions of witnesses who heard otherwise.

Asked about his sniffling during an interview with Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, Trump said there was “no sniffling” while also claiming that “the mic was very bad,” which may have led to an inaccurate amplification of his breathing. 

Trump expressed his theory that his mic was intentionally rigged almost immediately after the debate, telling reporters in the spin room, “They gave me a defective mic!” He added, “[I] wonder, was that on purpose?”

Trump’s mic theory and sniffles denial comes amid a string of polls and focus groups that found Democratic rival Hillary Clinton “won” the first presidential debate, despite efforts from Trump’s supporters on 4chan and Reddit to weight the polls in their candidate’s favor.

Neither the Trump campaign nor the Commission on Presidential Debates, which produced the event, immediately responded to a request for comment.

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