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This 14-year-old’s ‘edgy’ YouTube channel parrots the far-right

Soph uses anti-Black, homophobic rhetoric under the guise of comedy.


Samira Sadeque


Posted on May 14, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 12:41 pm CDT

A YouTube child star who the Daily Dot once called the platform’s “smartest, funniest new video game streamer” now has a new—and very angry—purpose: anti-Black, Islamophobic, sexist content.

Now known as “soph,” the California high school freshman has more than 820,000 followers on her channel in which she makes jokes about “f**gots” and “r**arded” bodies under the guise of satire. In her most recent video, posted around when Ramadan began, she drily apologizes for “very seriously threatening nuclear genocide” on “the people of Islam,” referencing her post on Discord that was reportedly called out on Twitter.

“Little known fact, I was given permission by the United States government,” says 14-year-old soph, who is white and wearing a chador, a traditional Muslim wrap. “Not only that I have the codes, but the launch keys were in and the missiles were seconds away from being launched,” she adds, commenting on the “correlation between Islam and proliferation of rape-gangs in Europe.”

Her other content includes an eight-minute video mocking “Black identity” while cosplaying the character of an FBI agent. “I’d wager that majority of the people who recognize racism to be wrong have never formulated a proper explanation as to why they think so,” she says in a diatribe about a Black teen who went viral for claiming on Dr. Phil that she was white.

In another video, soph is seen making explicit sexual and sexist references such as “sweet, sweet fuckbags,” “ape-cunt,” and “weak and retarded woman body.” “As a possessor of a uterus, you hold complete power over your caveman counterpart, because without you he can’t reproduce,” she says. “Once you get to rule over someone, you immediately start trying to figure out how much you can exploit them before they get pissed off and run a pole through your asshole.”

Because soph is 14 years old and uses language employed by the far right, she has an appeal not just to conservative adults but also children who may not fully understand her content but think her delivery and dress-up is funny. While YouTube has a wide range of policies on how to make the platform safe for children, the company said in a statement to the Daily Dot that the “vast majority” of soph’s content did not violate their policies, except for one video which it removed. It’s also issued her one strike. 

“For teenagers, we always recommend that parents and minors view YouTube together,” the statement said.

Before she was making videos that appeal to the far-right, she was a preteen Twitch star named LtCorbis who gained followers swearing while playing Call of Duty. While in her videos as soph, she appears composed and confident (and very much still a child), she isn’t always so tactful IRL. In response to a journalist who requested an interview rather politely, you can note soph’s bullying, angry tone parroting the farthest of far-right personalities.

“U suck at your job,” she wrote in one part of the long, rambling response to the journalist. “Ur like the king in the kings new outfit story and im Seeing ur bare buttnaked pimple-ridden eczema ass RN bc youre too fucking dumb to figure out how to hide it.”

Nevertheless, soph’s follower count continues to rise. She also has a Patreon account, where she reportedly earns $1,500 a month.

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*First Published: May 14, 2019, 10:44 am CDT