32 of the best protest signs from the Women’s March

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The Women’s March on Washington Saturday brought an estimated 500,000 people to D.C. to protest President Donald Trump

In the hours preceding the demonstration and march, flurries of pink pussy-hats and vibrant signs clogged the city’s subway system and flooded the National Mall. Painted and printed posters denounced the newly-inaugurated president and echoed the messages of female empowerment and equality that punctuated the 2016 presidential election.

From the artistic…

Jessica Machado

To the comical…

Jessica Machado

Jaya Saxena

To the downright honest…

Jaya Saxena

Jessica Machado

Women’s March attendees expressed their sentiments toward the president in a variety of ways.

Jaya Saxena

Women might be tired, but they’re certainly not out.

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And they’re hitting Trump where it hurts.


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#WomensMarchOnWashington #BestSignSoFar #BlackLivesMatter #WomensRightsMatter

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Interesting take on the poo emoji, eh?

We know Leia would be there if she could. (RIP Carrie Fisher)

Women’s March on Washington!

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Trump as Death Star 😂?🇺🇸#womensmarch #@womensmarch #WhyIMarch #resist #FuckTrump

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Not today Satan. Not eva! #pussygrabsback #WomensMarchOnWashington #notmypresident #whyimarch

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Even Sir Ian McKellen knows when his own reaction gif is warranted.

OK, yes. The Women’s March is for ALL women, and we’re still not over that Meryl Streep comment.


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Clarks first rally #dogderesistance #dogslivesmatter #womensmarchonwashington @womensmarch @letsmakethings

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Honestly, I believe it.

True dat #womensmarch

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Gran doesn’t deserve this, and neither do other women!

We fucking love ?? you grandmas!!!! And mammas and all you bad ass mother fuckers!!!!!

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Mean Girls‘ Regina speaks for us all in this instance.

science > opinion

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I know signs. I take pics of the best signs. Everyone agrees. #togetherwerise #womensmarch #empowerment

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We couldn’t have crafted it better ourselves.

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