Pads and an extra toothbrush in a bathroom


‘It’s such an icky feeling when you see that stuff’: TikToker finds women’s toiletries, second toothbrush in Tinder date’s apartment (updated)

'I always check their bathroom to see if they have a gf...'


Gisselle Hernandez


Posted on Feb 6, 2022   Updated on Feb 9, 2022, 1:48 pm CST

A TikToker’s video has gone viral after she exposed her Tinder date’s bathroom, which was strewn with women’s toiletries suggesting he’s not single.

“It honestly just kept getting worse,” the caption read with the hashtags #cheater and #caught accompanying it. 

User Maricela Carrillo (@maricela_rae) posted the video on Jan. 13, and it has since amassed more than 3 million views.

@maricela_rae it honestly just kept getting worse… #cheater #tinder #fyp #funny #caught #guys #umyeah ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs

“So I hung out with this guy and I always check their bathroom to see if they have a gf…” the overlay text in the video reads. The camera then flipped to show Carrillo snooping through the bathroom to the James Bond theme song. She found menstrual pads, hair developer, two toothbrushes, hairspray, and a pink loofah in the shower. 

The majority of the thousands of comments were women either commending Carrillo for exposing the guy or sharing their similar experiences. 

“I saw the pads and thought ‘just in case he has female guest’ but the developer feels personal,” the top comment read. 

“It’s sad that this is what we have to do now to get some type of truth,” a user commented. 

Most of the other comments agreed, though a few men tried explaining why the guy would have all sorts of seemingly feminine products when posing as “single.” 

“As a guy, if an ex left that stuff it would probably sit there until another girl threw it out,” one commented.  “I don’t use it so I could care less about them.”

“Men don’t usually put things under the sink (we don’t have much), and so what if a loofa is pink, I have a pink one,” he continued. 

Still, most of the women were skeptical the TikToker’s date was innocent. 

“It’s such an icky feeling when you see that stuff,” another comment with 8,000 likes read. “Like you just want to give the girl a hug and disappear forever.” 

Carrillo did in fact “disappear,” since she left the date’s apartment shortly after and blocked him on every social media platform according to a follow-up video.

The user’s update video, posted six days ago, was in response to the many women commenting that Carrillo should have left a note behind for the potential “girlfriend” to find. 

“I left a scrunchie, an extra hair tie, and a lip gloss in places I don’t wanna mention,” Carrillo said in the new video. She followed up with comments stating that he does not have any roommates and that his older sister is not close with him. She ended the video urging women to check guys’ bathrooms whenever they go on dates. 

@maricela_rae Reply to @maricela_rae ♬ original sound – mari 💓

“If guys have anything it’s literally the audacity,” she said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @maricela_rae via Instagram direct message. 

Update 4:06 pm CT, Feb. 7: In a statement to the Daily Dot, Carrillo said this is not the first time she’s checked someone’s bathroom before moving forward in pursuing them. She believes it’s “necessary” in the modern dating landscape.

“I definitely think that women need to look out for women, and even other guys. And guys should also look out for other guys, it’s the right thing to do especially with how dating is now,” she said.

She noted the incident was a “funny experience” and that she posted the video to give people a “heads up” on what they can do to suss out a Tinder date.

She says no one has reached out since she left her items behind, but she thinks “with the way everything was placed [the toiletries] couldn’t have been sitting there for months,” indicating that it’s not an ex’s things.

“I just wanna say that people think I was being nosy and not respectful of his privacy by going through his things, but half the stuff was in plain sight, and I would rather be safe than sorry in a sense, and I would want someone to do the same if they were in my position,” she said.

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2022, 3:06 pm CST