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‘The majority of them are careless a** kids’: Dunkin’ worker cites employees who ‘don’t give a flying f*ck’ as the reason why Dunkin’ drinks are a hit or miss

‘For majority of employees it is rocket science to follow protocol.’


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Recently, content creators have been taking to TikTok to share their experiences with Dunkin’, from an employee getting into a physical altercation with a customer to the the cleanliness of a Dunkin’ location. A Dunkin’ employee decided to take to the platform to share how the coffee chain runs its company and the type of employees who work there.

The Dunkin’ employee @briweso12 posted a TikTok that went viral about how Dunkin is a “hit or miss” every time you go.


Damn near EVERYTHING is measured out from a machine.. if someone orders “3 cream, 4 sugar” there’s literally a 3 cream BUTTON and a 4 sugar BUTTON THAT MEASURES IT OUT PERFECTLY FOR YOU! Smh

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“Here is why Dunkin’ is always a hit or miss coming from a Dunkin’ employee,” she starts in the video.

She details how she’s worked at multiple Dunkin’ stores and all of them are essentially the same. For starters, she calls the training “atrocious” because new workers aren’t trained.

“When we usually have new people come in, there’s nobody training them,” she states. “They just kind of don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.”

Despite not being a trainer, the creator says she goes out of her way to give a rundown on what to do, showing the new workers how to do everything correctly. She describes the employees as “careless ass kids” who don’t care how they make the drinks or if the equipment is clean.

“If they’re not making it for them, they don’t give a fuck,” @briweso12 says. “They don’t care if the machine is dirty, they don’t care if the measurements are correct. They genuinely don’t give a flying fuck.”

The TikToker explains how it’s not difficult to make a Dunkin’ drink, no matter the type. She details how based on the size of the drink, each one receives an extra pump of flavor. 

“A small gets two pumps of a swirl, a small matcha gets two scoops of matcha,” she explains. “Every small gets two, every medium gets three, and every large gets four.”

The creator expresses her frustration, saying she can’t fathom how the employees are messing up people’s drinks since it’s so simple. She continues listing out simple instructions on how to make drinks.

For the rest of the video, @briweso12 goes on a rant about the employees, stating it’s hard to screw up drinks, and how it’s “rocket science” for these workers to make drinks correctly. According to her, the employees claim they don’t get paid enough to care, but the creator expresses it’s about having human decency and basic cleanliness. She circles back to where it boils down to people not caring or not thinking about the customers.

“Genuinely I make everything as if I’m making it for myself,” she continues. “Whether it’s food or a drink. It’s not that fucking hard to literally have genuine human decency.”

“To fuck up a drink at Dunkin’ you have to be going out of your way to fuck it up,” she finishes.

The video has amassed 342,000 times as of Thursday where it resonated with the viewers as they recounted their terrible experiences with Dunkin’.

“Thank you I literally order the most basic thing and they always manage to mess it up I didn’t know they had it this easy im not one to be picky either,” one user shared.

“Is this why it either tastes like creek water or heaven,” another wrote.

“The amount of times I’ve gotten so sick after having an iced coffee from dunkin,” a user commented.

“I go to often…. And everyday is a different experience,” one viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @briweso12 for comment via TikTok comment and to Dunkin’ via press email.

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