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People are sharing their weirdest Christmas gifts on Twitter

Check out these heartwarming, bizarre, and incredible presents.


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Dec 26, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 7:30 pm CDT

Internet users are keeping the Christmas holiday going by sharing their weird and amazing gifts on Twitter.

Just when you thought everyone may have received candles, random electronics, and wool socks, these Twitter users showed that Christmas can get pretty strange… or epic depending on your taste.

One popular YouTuber from the channel WS2 showcased the Mr. Bean cutout that he gave his father. The life-sized print of the iconic British sitcom character was, of course, used to terrify the family.

While some gifts were frightening, others were heartwarming. And we all know no one is more deserving of heartwarming gifts than grandmas.

One family proudly showed off their grandma in her new custom sports jersey.

My 95 year-old grandmother is a huge @indians fan,” Twitter user @hioktane wrote. “She has 26 grandchildren. We gave her a pretty cool present today; I think she likes it.”

While everyone loves a gift card from Amazon or Starbucks, nothing beats a homemade gift. This Twitter user definitely got one from his stepdad.

“My step dad painted a picture of Noam Chomsky for my xmas gift and it fuckin whips,” @dadrespecter said.

As they say, cash is king. And although we all love it, it can sometimes come off as a lazy gift. One Twitter user definitely stepped up his game though by wrapping cash in action figure-inspired boxes.

None of the kids wanted toys for Christmas this year, they just wanted cash,” user @TwoClawsMedia wrote. “Understandable, but cash as a gift, while practical, always feels impersonal, so I made special packaging. Went over well.”

No one loves Christmas gifts more than kids. One family definitely scored by getting their cowboy son his own bull to ride. If only the young guy had held on for the necessary 8 seconds.

Over in the weird department, one Twitter user showed off his new pair of socks. Only these weren’t just any socks.

“My mom got me socks with my face on them,” user @akimbelsannit said.

It’s not just humans that love gifts. Your pets love gifts, too. Well, maybe not the gifts themselves.

If anything, maybe this will give you some ideas for next year. Just be sure to share those crazy gifts on Twitter when the time comes.


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*First Published: Dec 26, 2019, 7:05 am CST