Walmart employee walking caption 'These days all I do is...' (l) Walmart employee standing back to camera caption 'when people are triggered that I choose to work two jobs to save $20,000 a year when it's my life and my choice. I currently enjoy retail, the jobs easy, schedules flexible, and my coworkers are great.' (c) Walmart employee walking caption 'Hustle by working 60 hours a week. I skipped the partying and drinking phase so I can build capital to retire early. i know my future self will thank me for this' (r)

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‘All that money and no time to enjoy it’: Walmart employee says she works 2 jobs to save ‘$20,000 a year,’ sparking debate

'The unfortunate feeling of recognizing these carts anywhere.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Aug 5, 2022

A TikToker who works 60 hours a week across two retail jobs has sparked debate on the app, with commenters split between being impressed at her discipline and concerned about her lifestyle.

The TikTok from @asap.kristy, which has nearly 500,000 views, shows the user stacking what appears to be crates on top of a trolley at a Walmart. Accompanying the footage is on-screen text that reads, “When people are triggered to learn that I choose to work two jobs to save $20,000 a year when its my life and my choice. I currently enjoy retail, the jobs easy, the schedules flexible and my co-workers are great.”

Some commenters were unconvinced that the user could have a meaningful work-life balance. “All that money and no time to enjoy it, just sleep and repeat,” one commenter wrote. “So what’s the point?”

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“What in the retail hell propaganda?” another asked. Meanwhile, other commenters praised the TikToker for her commitment, with one telling her she’s “such a hard worker” while another assured her that “fiscal responsibility lasts a lifetime.”

A lot of users also noted the stigma that comes with choosing to go into retail as opposed to other professions. “This is what I want to do right now, but my family wants me to go to college when I don’t even know what I would go to college for,” one commenter confessed. “Some people are stressed chasing a fancy job title,” another theorized. “If only people cared less about what others think they’d be so much happier.

The user did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Aug 5, 2022, 7:07 pm CDT