TikTok mom @teenychamp makes her kids pray to Black women.

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White TikTok mom blasted for making kids kneel, pray to Black women

Black content creators said it made the video made them feel 'uncomfortable.'


Samantha Shaps


Posted on Jan 8, 2021

A white mom on TikTok posted a now-viral video of her children “hailing” Black women earlier this week. She removed the video after Black content creators said it made them “uncomfortable” and “threatened.”

TikTok user @teenychamp posted a video of her children on their knees praying with audio saying, “Black women are the reason that Donald Trump is no longer gonna be our president, all hail Black women.”

The video, which has since been deleted, included the captions, “Me teaching my white boys how to behave” and”They are marching around chanting ‘all hail Black women’ after this took like 5 takes.”

TikTok content creator Faith Farmer, whose username is @pvsllc, posted a response to the video saying, “Do y’all not understand that these TikToks actually make Black women uncomfortable.”

“Black women do not feel safe, we do not feel protected,” Farmer said. “We actually feel fairly threatened right now, because you are putting a target on our backs.”


#stitch with @teenychamp Something about this feels very sinister.

♬ original sound – Faith Farmer

Farmer, who did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment, said that the audio included in @teenychamp’s TikTok is the “same thing that white supremacists say.”

“You’re literally saying the same thing that white supremacists say, that we as Black women are responsible for what happens politically in this country,” Farmer said. “That we are the political radicals that are responsible for getting Donald Trump getting kicked out.”

Farmer said that this kind of video puts a political target on Black women’s backs.

“You’re literally saying that you think Black women are inherently revolutionaries that can change the system,” Farmer said. “Do you not know what happens to revolutionaries historically? You’re putting a political target on our backs, but I think you know this, don’t you?”

Although Farmer turned off their comments, Twitter commenters shared similar sentiments about the video’s “cringe.”

One commenter wrote that “people do anything for attention.” And another said they were “uncomfortable.”

In response to Farmer, @teenychamp said she removed the video and apologized for making Black women feel threatened. She said she “wanted to thank people like Stacey Abrams for saving the ability for my children to vote one day.”

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*First Published: Jan 8, 2021, 1:22 pm CST