Man throws tantrum after losing gym membership


‘This motherf*cker says my membership’s revoked because I hit on a b*tch’: Guy throws tantrum after getting banned from gym

‘What are you f*cking harassing me for, bruh?’


Brooke Sjoberg


A video posted in r/PublicFreakout shows a man filming himself getting kicked out of a gym and making sexist comments. The man’s gym membership was allegedly revoked because he harassed women.

The man, who has long blond hair and wears sunglasses indoors, insults employees and female members who allegedly reported him for harassment.

“What are you fucking harassing me for, bruh?” the man says to an employee as the video starts.

The employee tells the man that his membership comes up as “revoked” on the gym’s computer and that he needs to come to the front of the building and off the gym floor.

The blond man denies that his membership was revoked, demanding that the gym employee fix it “right now.”

On their way up to the front of the gym, the man tells the camera, “This motherfucker says my membership’s revoked because I hit on a bitch the other day, and the fucking manager wants to say ‘oh, revoked’ out of nowhere, dude.”

The location and name of the gym are unclear.

Once they reach the front desk, the man whose membership has been revoked begins ranting to other employees that he “took a bunch of pre-workout” and needs to work out. A different employee tells him to calm down before they have to call the police.

Commenters on r/PublicFreakOut had a lot to say about the man filming and his attitude.

“He looks like cartoon villain from an ’80s bikini movie in a California beach,” u/smeg_ wrote.

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Another user pointed out that the attitude could have been the result of excess testosterone or supplements.

“I’ve worked at a couple gyms and this guy is on supplements that up his testosterone levels for sure,” u/filled0 wrote. “It’s kind of amazing to behold as long as you don’t have to be any sort of personal obstacle to them.”

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There is allegedly another video of the man getting kicked out of a gym, according to u/GiantsOfFF1958.

“This is the second video I’ve seen of this POS,” the user wrote. “It seems that that’s all he knows how to do. Hopefully we can see him in r/byebyejob soon.”

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