Video shows drunk Trump supporter calling Biden supporters ‘f*ggots’

‘Lock me up! I’m a Trump guy.’


Kahron Spearman


A video with more than 700 likes on Twitter shows a drunk supporter of President Donald Trump in New York City harassing people for displaying signs supporting President-elect Joe Biden.

A caption for the video says, “~4pm, Brooklyn, NY. I heard chanting of ‘Trump 2020’ and ‘Fagg*ts and lesbians’” while this man and his buddies pounded on the roof of my car after pulling up my Biden lawn sign. I called the cops and then began filming.”

The video shows a man wearing a kippah (a traditional Jewish head covering) and a white button-up pacing the sidewalk near a discarded 2020 election sign. “Let the cops come. I want to be arrested for this shit,” he says. “I’m ready. Lock me up! … I’m a Trump guy, and I don’t believe in Biden. Throw this shit out. Get a life, you faggots.”

Two more men wearing kippahs and suits corral the man down the street as he says, “Where are you living? In this sick world? You gonna fight for God? Go accept them. Why don’t you bring the gay people into your house.”

Then, according to the caption, the man points to Black people across the street. He says “nebach,” which is Yiddish for “unfortunate person.” “You’re gonna suffer miserably,” the man says. “Yeah, you should move out.”

The video cuts to show the man telling the person filming the situation to call the police again. “Tell them Meyer Fried is a Trump guy.”

One of his associates, who’s sitting nearby, says, “Say there’s two faggots in this house.” When the camera is aimed at him, he turns his face away.

The first man then says Biden is “scamming the system.”

In a second video, the man stands on a street corner surrounded by police officers. He yells that Biden wants to defund the cops and says, “I wanna fund the cops.” He also says, “Yeah, I’ve been drinking.” The video ends as the man yells “Trump 2020!” and is escorted by the men in suits away from the police.

The men’s dress indicate that they could be members of an Orthodox Jewish sect. Some members of New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community actively supported Trump ahead of the presidential election, the New Yorker reported. Joshua Shanes, a professor of Jewish studies at the College of Charleston, wrote in Tablet magazine in October that “affection for Trump almost seems to be expected among Orthodox Jews.”

“Most Haredi (a sect of Orthodox Jews) communities were already voting deeply red in 2016, but now support for Trump, and the excusing of his deeply immoral behavior and other shortcomings, have grown typical of modern Orthodox communities as well,” says Shanes. “The trend toward voting more Republican was several decades old, but there is something new afoot: a cultural norm, in some synagogues an expectation, that anyone with common sense is a Trump supporter.”

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