Black women go off on neighbor who made racist comments about Asians

One woman sprayed him with Lysol.


Kahron Spearman


A pair of Instagram videos shows Black women confronting their neighbor who made racist comments about the Asian families in their San Francisco apartment building.

The videos were posted to Autumn Tillman’s Instagram page. The first clip starts with a man, identified by KPIX-TV as David Rosner, talking about putting up “notices” related to an Asian family living next to him.

Tillman says, “Do you ever shut the fuck up? Ever? Shut the fuck up, in front of my door with your racist shit! I don’t give a fuck. You’re racist as fuck. You fucking neighbors are Asians!”

Rosner tries to interject, but Tillman continues: “Shut the fuck up, OK! … You are so fucking irritating. Every fucking day you are ‘[N-word] this, Asians that.’ I’m Black. They’re Asian. Shut the fuck up! I’m tired of your shit in front of my fucking door. I’m tired of your bullshit every fucking day.”

Tillman then sprays Rosner with Lysol, and Rosner retreats into his apartment. “Goodbye!” Tillman says. “You’re fucking disgusting.”

In the second video, Tillman goes off on the man in the hallway again. This time, another Black woman emerges from her apartment and shouts at the man alongside Tillman. “Sic ’em!” the woman yells.

Rosner goes into his apartment. “You can go back to Africa,” he says as he closes the door.

“Shut the fuck up. What do you not understand about leaving Black people, Asian people, and Latino people alone? What do you not get?” Tillman yells, banging on his door.

Rosner comes back out to the hallway and puts his mask on while making racist comments to Black neighbor. “Put a mask on, yeah,” he says. “So I don’t have to breathe your stench. Let me understand this. You wanna live in my neighborhood. You wanna live in my country?”

The neighbor responds, “Everybody can live wherever they want to.”

“So you go about your life,” Rosner says. “What the hell is this Asian family doing here?”

“They can stay where the hell they want to,” Tillman yells. “Go back to hell. Go back to your country. Go to hell! You sick ass son of a bitch!”

Tillman told KPIX-TV that Rosner regularly paced the halls while making racist comments about his neighbors.

“Nobody should ever have to hear that they have to go back to their own country or anything like that, I’m sorry,” Tillman said. “My building is like 70% Asian families.”

Tillman, who works as a singer, says she grew up in San Francisco.

“Asian people have been there for the Black community,” she said. “They’re always on the frontline with their signs, demanding justice for my community … They’re just as angry as the black community is.”

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