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Twitch star BadBunny says her life is ‘more valuable’ than those of her fans

'I know every life has value, but, like, my life is far more valuable.'


Ginny Woo


Posted on May 13, 2020

Twitch star BadBunny has stirred up controversy after straight-up saying on stream that her life is “more valuable” than those of her fans.

When BadBunny went live on May 12, a bunch of her viewers rushed to clip a portion of her stream in which she comments on the perceived value of her audience’s lives versus her own. At one point in the clip in question, BadBunny states outright that her viewers believing themselves to be “at the same level [as she is] … is insulting.”

“My value is so much more than all of your value put together—everyone in this chat,” she says. “Like, I know every life has value, but, like, my life is far more valuable. Your lives have value, but mine is much more valuable than your life.”

While the comments from BadBunny are objectively impolite at best and ironically, insulting at worst, viewers have jumped in to say that this is just her trolling and that it’s a part of her online personality.

Fellow streamer YourCutestEnemy tweeted that BadBunny’s abrasive comments were just “her style” and also described it as being akin to “findomme” in the same thread.

BadBunny’s channel does have a history of clips where she’s shown to display similar sentiments toward her fans, often swearing at them for not giving her money and saying on stream that she’s “fucking giving up” on her viewers.

Findom revolves around people gifting money or offering financial gain to a dominatrix in exchange for being humiliated, degraded, or belittled in some way. Upon viewing some of BadBunny’s clips, one might be able to piece that line of thinking together as to why her audience remains enraptured despite her treatment of them.

While it’s not unusual for streamers to adopt personas when using Twitch in order to cater to specific audiences, the idea that BadBunny is deliberately acting in this way to create a “findom” environment poses an interesting question: Would this rub Twitch’s streaming guidelines the wrong way?

Twitch updated its streaming guidelines this year to note that content creators are disallowed from engaging in erotic roleplay, amongst other acts that can be considered a fetish. However, what constitutes a fetish has in itself not been clearly defined by the streaming service.


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*First Published: May 13, 2020, 8:41 pm CDT