toilet paper crisis


‘Toilet paper crisis’ trends as people panic purchase amid coronavirus outbreak

Yes, there are memes.


Siobhan Ball


The coronavirus has people going nuts in all kinds of exciting ways. The most recent fallout? A multi-country toilet paper shortage.

The hashtag #toiletpapercrisis is trending in both Australia and the UK with contributions from other parts of the world, adding a little bit of international flavor to what is at least a funny result of a mismanaged pandemic.

Australia took the chance to weaponize literal toilet humor at its government.

As well as just riffing on the situation in classic, earthy Australian style.

British people also latched on to yet another opportunity to drag The Sun, a particularly unpopular British newspaper that regularly trends on Twitter as people put out calls to boycott it.

With some friendly ribbing between cultures.

Turns out toilet paper isn’t the only thing that’s been panic-bought out of existence, either.

And there are some real concerns over what this shows about how we’ll all handle an actual supply crisis or disaster.

But at least the memes are good. That’s what’s important, right?


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