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TikToker mocks ‘pro-lifers’ for not wearing masks and attending ‘COVID convention’

Prayer walk or ‘COVID convention?’ Why not both?


Phil West


Charlotte, North Carolina.-based TikToker Jaicie Smallwood (@jaiciesmall) took to the platform Monday to post video she took mocking what appears to be “pro-life” activists for not wearing masks as they gather for a prayer walk event and abortion clinic protest she labels a “COVID convention.”

The event, which took place Saturday, was one of four coordinated prayer walks by the Love Life anti-abortion organization to abortion clinics in three North Carolina cities and New York City.

Smallwood’s Linktree page, referenced in her TikTok bio, includes a Change.org petition calling to “Force Love Life Charlotte to cancel their Week 40 Prayer Walk to protect our community.”

The petition pointed out, “North Carolina is currently in Stage 3 of its COVID-19 restrictions. According to the North Carolina government website (nc.gov), ‘smaller outdoor entertainment venues, such as arenas or amphitheaters, may operate outdoors at 30% of outdoor capacity – or 100 guests, whichever is less.’ Though Love Life regularly violates this 100 guest rule, their Week 40 Prayer Walk is a blatant disregard of not only these restrictions, but the health and safety of the Charlotte community.”

According to WCNC-TV, the event did go as planned, though with counter-protesters in attendance—and with the protesters issued a citation for violating the noise ordinance due to their activity at the Preferred Women Clinic women’s clinic, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Smallwood’s video shows a number of people in Love Life shirts converging at a meeting point; according to the Love Life website, Charlotte participants were gathering at the city’s Oakdale Baptist Church. Noticing that many of these participants were maskless, Smallwood pointed out the irony.

The narration (likely from Smallwood herself) begins with clapping and a mocking, “Not a mask in sight!” as a group of women walk past the camera. “Oh yeah! COVID is home for the holidays!”


The video, garnering 330,000 likes in its first eight hours on TikTok, and finding an additional audience on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout subreddit, continues by asking the group of women if they hate women.

A second woman then calls out “Good luck, Grandma!” to an elderly woman making her way to the venue, with the initial narrator featured in the video adding, “You be safe over there! It’s a COVID fest!”

She then yells after additional attendees, “Yeah, go to the COVID convention! Woooooo! Free COVID this way! This way to the COVID!”

The both of them then laugh at a security guard who stops a man trying to enter. The security guard is wearing a mask in “chin diaper” fashion with his nose exposed.

As they observe, “He’s taking his job very seriously!”

There’s also a second video that carries on in much the same vein, though the narration calls out various “moms of the year” and “parents of the year” for bringing their children to the event.

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