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‘Inside looks like a mansion’: TikToker gives a tour of her trailer home, sparking debate about stigma against trailers

‘We pay $508 a month.’


Jack Alban


It was easier to buy a house during the Great Depression than it is in 2022. This new housing crisis has culminated in an uptick of alternative living situations. People are looking for the security of home ownership, but cannot own traditional houses, so they are turning to mobile and tiny domiciles to take care of their living needs.

However, there’s a huge disparity in the “quality” and reputation of some of these domiciles, as evinced by a now-viral TikTok posted by Glory Lautner that she stiched with @itsandiebitchh.

@xogloryyy #stitch with @itsandiebitchh been waiting for this moment! #fyp ♬ original sound – Glory Lautner ✨

The video begins with @itsandiebitchh feeding a baby while recording a video and saying, “I feel like trailers are slept on, and they are judged.”

The clip then cuts to an enthusiastic Glory excitedly getting up to show her followers around her trailer and the interior looks like something out of the “after” segment of an HGTV “dream home” show and nothing like the trailer Mickey Rourke was living in in The Wrestler.

“Ohoo I’ve been waiting for this moment! People can judge me all you want. You guys are out here paying $3,000 for a two-bedroom apartment,” she then laughs and puts her hand on her head.

“My fat ass will keep myself in a trailer.” Glory then shows off a beautiful, modern kitchen complete with stone countertops and full-sized amenities.

“Bestie, we pay five hundred and eight dollars a month for our ‘trailer,’” the TikToker continues, panning through the home.

She then shows off her living room, complete with an entertainment system wall and ambient lighting, her office, a guest room, a laundry room, a guest bathroom, and a massive bedroom.

TikTokers were shocked at the interior of the trailer and couldn’t believe how little her monthly payments for the trailer were.

Folks in the comments section started discussing the advantages of living in “manufactured” and mobile homes and questioning the stigmas associated with them.

“The people in the comments are proving the point that trailers are judged. ‘It’s a [sparkle emoji] manufactured home [sparkle emoji]’ LOL Manufactured just means built in a factory,” one viewer argued.

“How does the outside look like cause wow inside looks like a mansion,” another questioned.

Others pointed out that most of the prejudice people have against trailers aren’t necessarily against this mode of living themselves but the communities in which many of them are located.

“Personally, it’s not the trailer it’s the areas they’re located in,” one said.

Other TikTokers remarked that they were familiar with the model Glory was showing off on her “Disney property,” with one viewer noting that they too purchased the same one.

However others pointed that location matters most and that some of these manufactured homes retail for as much as “$300,000 in the Bay Area.”

Others said that while living in trailers and manufactured homes seems like a great idea, depending on the weather conditions/climate of the area you plan on living in, they may not be the best choice: “It’s not that it’s cheap here, in Miami they’re susceptible to bad flooding during storms, and severe damage during hurricanes otherwise I wish!”

Others urged Glory to “not spread this good info” and they wanted to ensure that they could keep costs/demand down for themselves and big businesses won’t find ways to capitalize off of these alternative forms of living.

“Please let’s not spread this Good info… next thing you know they’ll be super expensive. We are trying to save up for a triple wide,” one user wrote.

“Chill let them keep that idea of trailers we don’t need the lot to go up,” another urged.

As of 2020, a reported 5.6% of American citizens lived in mobile homes. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, and with housing costs at an all-time high, more and more people are looking to mobile and tiny homes as living solutions. However, there have been surcharges in land rental fees as well, with many mobile home dwellers saying their rents have either doubled or tripled in recent months.

The Biden Administration has stated that they are launching initiatives in order to address the housing crisis in America. In its early stages, it has already received critical praise from “experts” according to CNBC.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Glory on TikTok for further comment.

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