TikTok Spanking Mom


Popular TikTok mom gets flamed for ‘bragging’ about spanking her baby

One viewer said they were going to 'call CPS.'

Jul 29, 2020, 6:25 pm*

Internet Culture

Moises Mendez II 

Moises Mendez II

A mother, who has nearly 300,000 followers on TikTok, sparked a debate in her comments section after she bragged about spanking her children.

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Jocelyn Yates, a mother of two, made a video holding her infant child, with the text, “Who spanks their kids?” She uses TIAGZ’s song “Muffins In The Freezer” for the audio, mouthing over the line, “I do.”

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Should parents be allowed to spank their children? Yes or No ⬇️ #parenting #momlife #momsoftiktok

♬ Muffins In The Freezer – Tiagz
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TikTok users criticized Yates and recounted their own experiences with being spanked as children.

“I absolutely ~adore~ the PTSD I deal with on a daily basis from my childhood. So fun!” one wrote in her comments section.

“And parents like this are the reasons i have trauma,” another said.

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Others pointed to research that shows spanking to be an ineffective parenting method.

“Guess what? you can teach children discipline [without] physically hurting them.” commenter Jennifer Allred wrote. “ It takes the parents knowing how to teach boundaries and being consistent.”

TikTokers even duetted Yates’ video, prompting users to sound off in those videos with more criticism.

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“She is bragging about abusing her baby. if they can’t understand reason, they won’t understand pain. if they understand reason, pain isnt necessary,” one user wrote.

Lyrics for “Muffins In The Freezer” also say, “What you gonna do about it? Nothing.”

“Call cps is what imma do ma’am,” one user joked.

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Some, however, defended Yates and the act of spanking as a form of discipline. “Some of y’all never got spanked and it shows,” one person wrote.

“My siblings were all spanked.. only thing we got out of it was respect.. and well behaved,” another wrote.

“[You’re] doing a good job! This is exactly how me & my siblings were raised and we turned out A ‘OK!!!” another added. “And this is definitely how [I’m] going to raise mine!”

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Yates responded to the criticism in a follow-up video. Replying to a comment that reads, “THATS A BABY?!?!,” she says: “Yes, this is a baby. But guess what, she has a big sister. … And, sometimes, she deliberately disobeys, and guess what, she gets her butt spanked—but not all the time, only when it’s necessary. A lot of the time, she does listen, and she will obey. But I’m not gonna raise my kids to be little buttholes.”

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*First Published: Jul 29, 2020, 6:24 pm