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Therapist says she was fired for telling men to go to therapy on TikTok

‘It’s your friendly neighborhood therapist who thought she could save these hoes but got her job terminated.’


Jack Alban


A therapist on TikTok claimed she was fired from her job for telling men their lack of emotional intelligence was preventing them from combatting loneliness and having healthier relationships with women.

Bre (@unusuallybree), who boasts over 222,000 followers, shared how she was “fired as a therapist telling people to go to therapy.” She says viewers of her previous video reported her to her employer.

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“Well, hello. it’s your friendly neighborhood therapist who thought she could save these hoes but got her job terminated as a result. Shit you not, I posted a video on Monday telling men that their dusty behavior is only harming them and that they would benefit from emotional intelligence, and, I shit you not, by Friday didn’t have employment,” she says.

She said she made her first video in response to a Psychology Today article. Her takeaway from the article was “that men are lonelier than ever because they have no fucking emotional skills.”

“I agreed and doubled down and told y’all lives would radically improve if you expanded the shit that came out yo’ mouth, but instead of healing, y’all will do anything but that. Instead of being accountable like, ‘Hey, this bitch see me.’ … Y’all got so hurt, so hurt,” she says.

She says her video went viral on Twitter and that Twitter users criticized her.

“Some of y’all hoes is not gonna be saved, and that’s the conclusion that I’ve come to. So because this shit’s gone viral, I’m thinking, ‘OK, cool. We starting a discussion on mental health.’ … You might not like my fucking delivery, but motherfuckers is starting to talk,” Bre says. “But then it turns into this entire crusade of attacking a Black woman who serves the fucking Black community.”

She recalls the comments from viewers who claimed they were going to “report her.” But she ultimately claims an article, titled “Black Twitter Has Words For Therapist Scolding Black Men Over Therapy,” that included her full name and employer’s information was how her employer “got spooked” and terminated her. “This is the article that spooked my fucking job and got me fired,” she says. She claims she was not contacted prior to the publication of the article.

She also says “Black men decided to take it upon themselves to call my employment to get me fired.”

“You succeeded. But you succeeded in not the way that you think. If it’s one thing about Black women, it’s that we’re incredibly resilient,” she says. “This just cleared the table to give me space and opportunity to educate the masses, while shaking our asses to healing, because y’all got mad cause I wanted you to do better. I was told they consulted with shareholders and decided to terminate my contract. Because I told y’all to go to therapy. That’s the world we live in.”

Throngs of TikTokers expressed sympathy, with many encouraging Bre to open her own private practice. Many stated that people need to not be so overly sensitive when it comes to her delivery.

“This is on my FYP. I can feel the betrayal in your voice. People don’t like truth. I hope you continue to fo great things!” one said.

“Sis HOW DO WE SUPPORT YOU?!?” another asked. “Because all you did was tell the TRUTH!”

On Twitter, others posted the original video Bre was referring to in her follow-up TikTok. Some users remained unforgiving, pointing to her delivery. Some acquiesced that despite her delivery, she’s a young therapist and should have received “encouragement not to be attacked.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bre via Instagram direct message.

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