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‘Please stop’: Five Guys worker makes plea to customers who attempt ‘grilled cheese cheeseburger’ hack

'Brb gonna go make a catering order for these grilled cheese burgers.'


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Posted on Nov 2, 2022   Updated on Nov 4, 2022, 6:53 am CDT

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to influencing folks to try new foods, restaurants, life hacks, etc. Sometimes these trends can reach a fever pitch on a national scale, which can either be a blessing for businesses, or a nightmare. The “I saw it on TikTok” phenomenon that came to Chipotle culminated in throngs of irate employees and the popular Mexican-fare chain to put an end to the ordering trickery popularized on TikTok.

While it’s easy to understand why workers would get angry at the “burrito hack,” because it requires a ton of additional work by separating a taco’s ingredients into multiple containers, and presumably eats into a franchise’s earnings potential, apparently workers at other chains, like Five Guys, are getting upset at having to prepare “secret” menu items.

Recently, TikTokers have gone viral for sharing how customers can order the “grilled cheese cheeseburger” at Five Guys. There was at least one TikToker who tried—but failed—to order the item. The order consists of adding a patty to the grilled cheese. The grilled cheese is a staple menu item, and it is possible to add a patty to it through the chain’s online ordering system. The menu item has been an option available at the chain for quite some time.

According to a Five Guys employee named Johann Torres (@imjthekidhoe), however, these sandwiches are annoying to make.

@imjthekidhoe #fiveguys #grilledcheeseburger ♬ original sound – torres.johann🤯

In the video, Torres angrily walks into the backroom of what appears to be a Five Guys restaurant while he is still in uniform. He shouts at the camera, smiling but expressing how upset he is at the current ordering trend that has customers requesting grilled cheese cheeseburgers.

“Hold up now, because I’m really getting mad,” he says. “Whoever told y’all to be ordering these grilled cheese burgers I need y’all to stop. I need to put it to an end, to an end. I’m sorry, but please stop.”

TikTokers who saw Torres’ post offered up a litany of different responses. Some quipped they were going to order more of the grilled cheese cheeseburgers out of spite, while some said that his post had the opposite effect as they had never heard of this menu item option and are now going to try it as a result.

“Brb gonna go make a catering order for these grilled cheese burgers,” one said.

“Just ordered one thanks for the recommendation!” another announced.

“Didn’t know this was a thing until now. Now I want one,” a third proclaimed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Johann via TikTok comment and Five Guys via email for more information.

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*First Published: Nov 2, 2022, 2:30 pm CDT