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‘Just use the f*cking straws at McDonald’s’: Starbucks barista calls out McDonald’s worker who freaked out over their straw shortage

'As a food worker how can they be so rude to other food workers.'


Rebekah Harding


Posted on Sep 26, 2022   Updated on Sep 26, 2022, 6:07 pm CDT

A Starbucks barista puts a McDonald’s worker on blast for getting upset in the drive-thru when they told her they were out of straws but could give her a “spoon” for her frappuccinos in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by TikToker Mike (@mikecult) on Sept. 13, they explain that the Starbucks they work for is “in the middle of nowhere” and they are not able to access supplies from other branches when they run out.

“So for the last week, we’ve been out of straws. We’ve even borrowed from other fast food restaurants in town,” they say in the clip.

Mike continues that one drive-thru customer was informed of the straw shortage when she ordered a “couple of frappuccinos,” “losing her tiny little mind” when she was offered a spoon instead.

“‘What the fuck do you mean you’re out of straws? You’re fucking Starbucks,'” Mike says, imitating the customer. “I jump on the headset because I’m not playing no games. I’m like, ‘Ma’am you have two options. You can get the frappuccinos or not.'”

They say that when the customer pulled up to the drive-thru, she was in a McDonald’s uniform.

“This bitch pulls up in a McDonald’s uniform. She’s literally picking up drinks on her way to work,” they say. “Just use the fucking straws at McDonald’s.”

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The video has amassed over 20,100 views as of Sept. 26, with commenters calling out the McDonald’s worker for snapping at a “fellow service worker.”

“It amazes me when fellow service workers treat other service workers like this,” one commenter wrote.

“As a food worker how can they be so rude to other food workers,” another said.

“The biggest stab in the back is when fast food workers treat baristas like that. wtf. PS Death to the frappuccino. discontinue them,” a third added.

Others pointed out that McDonald’s has “the good straws,” suggesting other solutions to the straw shortage at Mike’s Starbucks location.

“But also, Sbux uses the tops that don’t need straws. Like…girl, your biggest problem today is you have to tip the cup to drink?” a user said.

‘This is why I always carry a collapsible metal straw. Especially during Covid place were out a lot,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mike via Instagram direct message and to Starbucks via email.

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*First Published: Sep 26, 2022, 6:06 pm CDT