Starbucks barista eating at table with caption 'They're getting rid of the cs position! It's one of my favorite ones to do :(' (l) Starbucks sign in front of sky (c) Starbucks barista eating at table with caption 'They're getting rid of the cs position! It's one of my favorite ones to do :(' (r)

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‘It’s just their way to justify less coverage’: Starbucks barista says the company is getting rid of its key ‘customer support’ position

'We will fall apart without a Customer Support position.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 8, 2023

A TikToker who chronicles her job as a Starbucks barista on her account claims that the company is getting rid of its Customer Support position—to the surprise and alarm of fellow workers.

The video comes courtesy of creator Megan Palluccio, who posted it to her @cozybarista account on Tuesday. It’s generated more than 436,000 views.

It’s a simple 10-second video where the creator, in her Starbucks apron, appears contemplative while unwrapping and eating a baked good. The on-screen caption tells the tale, reading, “They’re getting rid of the cs [Customer Support] position; it’s one of my favorite ones to do,” with a frowny-face emoji to punctuate the message.

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The accompanying caption is just a simple, all-caps “WHY” before including a number of Starbucks-related hashtags.

The conversation in the comments section reveals two things for the uninitiated: First, the Customer Support position functions for baristas as a barback does for a bartender, providing assistance for baristas focused on making drinks and moving customers through the line. And second, baristas are going to miss the Customer Support help if Palluccio is indeed conveying company policy correctly.

“Girl whatttt where did u find this,” one commenter asked.

“My manager told me,” said Palluccio, leading another commenter to express unawareness over the new policy, and one accusing Palluccio of lying.

“We will fall apart without a Customer Support position,” lamented another, with someone chiming into that thread to detail the duties of that role—to “prep, restock, and flex onto the floor if needed.” Another observed, “That sounds like such an important position,” with several affirming that statement.

A further user remarked, “I remember in training being told cs is the ‘heartbeat’ of the store.”

“I hated cs at first,” a commenter familiar with Starbucks added, “but i really like doing it now cause it gives me at least a break from all the craziness on bar.”

The video comes on the heels of a previous video, which the Daily Dot reported on Feb. 2, in which a TikToker alleged that Starbucks was cutting employee hours in an unprecedented manner.

“Usually during slow season, which is around this time of year, our hours will get cut maybe five, at most, eight hours. And it will be for like a month,” Mateo Alejandro Diaz said on TikTok. “I have people like newer baristas being like ‘Oh, is this normal? Is this normal?’ I need y’all to know this is not normal. Not normal. Do not let them tell you that, ‘Oh it’s because of a slow season.’”

While it’s unclear whether this is company-wide policy or just extends to the TikToker’s sphere, the video cast a new light on the importance of the CS role.

As one commenter offered, “My life needs a CS.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via comment and Starbucks via email to a media relations representative.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2023, 1:31 pm CST