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‘She probably needed it more than me’: Starbucks allegedly gives croissant to person behind customer who couldn’t afford it, sparking debate

'If she couldn't afford it then she shoulda not driven to Starbucks.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Mar 12, 2022   Updated on Mar 28, 2022, 3:00 pm CDT

A TikToker’s video alleging that a Starbucks location withheld a croissant from another customer who couldn’t pay for it before giving it to her for free and criticizing the decision making that lead there has garnered viral attention on the platform.

Posted by @yestrdaynvrmatterd, the video is a short loop of her holding the croissant with a text overlay explaining what happened, calling the U.S. “backwards” for this business practice.

“The lady in line before us couldn’t afford her croissant so they gave it to me for free,” the text overlay reads. “Amerikkka is so backwards. She probably needed it more than me.”

Some commenters felt that giving the croissant to the woman who couldn’t pay for it would have created the expectation that things can be had for free.

“If they gave it to her, everyone could just say they can’t afford it and would get it for free, it’s not backwards,” one commenter wrote.

“If it’s ‘just a croissant,’ then maybe we should start giving everyone a free croissant,” another commenter wrote. “You willing to pay the $807,000,000 that would cost?”

“If she couldn’t afford it then she shoulda not driven to Starbucks and stayed home,” a commenter wrote.

Others found it odd that the poster was given the croissant when the Starbucks location could have just as easily given it to the woman who had ordered it for free.

“She could’ve just miscalculated it, the point is they denied it to one person for not being able to afford it but give it to them no charge,” one commenter wrote.

“Whoever did that was being petty,” another commenter wrote. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given for free what someone took off because they couldn’t afford it.”

Another commenter wrote that if a customer’s app isn’t working or if they forgot their wallet, implying that the commenter is a Starbucks employee, they would just give the items to that customer anyway. The video poster @yestrdaynvrmatterd replied that this is how she felt the situation should have been handled.

“What I though should (have) happened it was hot and ready lol why not,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yestrdaynvrmatterd via Instagram DM and to Starbucks directly via email regarding the video.

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*First Published: Mar 12, 2022, 11:18 am CST