starbucks employee with caption 'i could of said: 'you're not on bar because it takes you 30 minutes to make a frappuccino and you still don't know the difference between a macchiato and a latte'' (l) starbucks cup (c) starbucks employee with caption 'but i didn't... i said: 'can you ring? you're just so good with the customers!'' (r)


‘You don’t know the difference between a macchiato and a latte’: Starbucks barista won’t put co-worker on bar, sparking debate

'I feel like this why no one learns.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Aug 19, 2022

A TikToker’s video making a joke out of an exchange at work has sparked some debate about limiting a new employee’s ability to learn.

In a video that has more than 50,000 views, user @jorlala’s 10-second video is set to an audio of singer Ariana Grande explaining a choice between alternate lyrics in one of her songs. A text overlay superimposed on the video turns the exchange into one between herself and a hypothetical coworker.

“I could (have) said, ‘you’re not on bar because it takes you 30 minutes to make a frappuccino and you still don’t know the difference between a macchiato and a latte,’ but I didn’t,” the text overlay reads. “I said, ‘can you ring? You’re just so good with the customers!”

@jorlala like respectfully, no #barista #baristaproblems #coworkers #frappuccino ♬ Originalton – kida

Some viewers advocated for the inexperienced coworker to be given an opportunity for additional training, like working at the drink-making bar, to improve their skills.

“I feel like this why no one learns lol,” one commenter wrote. “I wasn’t allowed on bar for a while and then bugged my way in and ended up being good at it.”

“I was placed on bar my first day off of training during a holiday rush,” another viewer added. “It was definitely stressful but it did help. Depends on how fast you can learn.”

“I feel like I agree as someone who trains others, but I was also the person who wasn’t allowed to learn as fast because I was on register or things that’s didn’t require me to serve guests,” a third user said. “It doesn’t teach people to learn as quickly and is bad coaching overall.”

Others criticized the fact that the video is unkind to that unnamed coworker.

“If I went on TikTok and someone I worked with posted this about me I’d never show up to work again like no two week notice I’d just never show my face again,” one viewer claimed.

“Working at Starbucks sounds like the actual worst if this is y’all’s attitude towards new people,” another commenter said.

One alleged former Starbucks worker said the TikToker’s issue was bad training, not the fault of the co-worker.

“Maybe if y’all gave her proper training,” a commenter wrote. “I worked at Starbucks for six months and I didn’t actually start getting good until someone cared enough to properly train me, and then they started putting me on bar more often like… it’s so easy just schedule them during non peak hours. There you go, problem solved. But clearly the issue is you if she’s that bad, not her, because everyone can learn how to make Starbucks drinks. All you do is press a button on a machine, you just have to put in effort to help someone learn.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @jorlala via Instagram direct message, as well as to Starbucks directly via email.

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*First Published: Aug 19, 2022, 11:45 am CDT