Sonic manager dancing into room caption 'My Manager that cares even less' (l) Sonic employee with hand out caption 'Customer: 'I don't like your attitude. Let me see your manager.'' (c) Sonic employee and manager dancing caption 'My Manager that cares even less' (r)


‘We are only here for a paycheck’: Sonic worker says manager cares even less than her about their jobs, sparking debate

‘If they wanted fine dining experience, they could honestly go somewhere else.’


Braden Bjella


With the trend of “quiet quitting” slowly making its way into mainstream culture, more workers are finding virality after reminding people that a job is a job, not a way of life.

One of the areas where this can be seen the most is service work. In addition to low wages, service workers can be subject to unsafe conditions, at-will employment, and verbal and, in some cases, physical abuse from customers.

This has led some to speak out about their experience on the job. For example, a McDonald’s employee and user on TikTok recently went viral after pleading with customers to remember that they are a person, not just someone to be yelled at.

Now, several fast-food employees have gone viral and sparked a debate after making a video joking about customer interaction.

In a video with over 359,000 views, Sonic Drive-In employee Dayana Juarez (@dc21juarez) shows a mock interaction between herself and a customer.

“Customer: ‘I don’t like your attitude. Let me see you’re manager,’” she writes in the text overlaying the first part of the video.

At that point, another worker comes in, presumably her manager.

“My Manager that cares even less,” she writes.

In the caption, she explains the video further, writing, “Like babes we are only here for a paycheck. Don’t expect anything more.”

@dc21juarez Like babes we are only here for a paycheck. Don’t expect anything more. #sonic #paycheck #tip #fyp #fypシ #isthisenoughhashtags #LikeAMonarch #customerservice #customersbelike #serviceindustry #tipyourserver #parati #pov #humor #goviral ♬ original sound – Good sounds

According to Indeed, the average employee at Sonic makes just $11 hourly. Managers make anywhere from just under $14 to $17 per hour.

In the comments section, many users agreed with Juarez’s take on her job.

“Dam right!!! These customers be extra,” wrote one user.

“Frr they be thinking we’re gonna get fired or sum,” added another.

Others chimed in to tell their own “let me see your manager” stories.

“Got told this one time and pointed behind me and said ‘he’s right here,’” recalled a commenter. “She tried calling him and he ignored her.”

“Every time somebody asks for a manager I spin && go, hi i’m the manager, what can i help you with?” shared a second. “Their face is worth it everytime.”

Still, some were quick to point out that, despite the bravado on display in the video, being yelled at by customers can affect how workers view their jobs.

As one user wrote, “Nah fr tho, if one customer does this to us, our mood for the day is ruined.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dayana via TikTok comment.

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