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Oh cool, there’s a ‘Sexy Ken Bone’ costume

Are you saying Ken Bone wasn’t already sexy?


Jaya Saxena


You know how Ken Bone, the undecided voter in the red sweater from Sunday’s debates, became an internet sensation for having a cool name while being unapologetically average, making him an easy target for people on Twitter to laugh at while claiming sincerity? Well, now you can dress like a “sexy” version of him for Halloween. Technically it’s a “Sexy Undecided Voter” costume, but the reference is obvious.

First off, you can just be Ken Bone for Halloween (once his sweater is back in stock at least). Secondly, this is a lazy joke. The joke is that Ken Bone is not what mainstream society typically classifies as “sexy,” but the girl wearing the costume is. It’s funny when hot women wear mustaches because mustaches are not things women should have, even though lots of women have them. 

Because she’s hot, “Sexy Ken Bone” would never split her pants like Ken Bone did, either. The girl in this costume probably would get a porn offer, though, but it wouldn’t be ironic. 

Anyway, the bees are still dying and this costume doesn’t change that.

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