A TikTok shows a woman reacting to a TikToker's service dog.


‘You’re the Karen’: TikToker says woman was ‘about to Karen’ on his service dog, sparking debate about who was being a Karen (updated)

Was she reacting to his T-shirt?


Tricia Crimmins


Published Dec 25, 2021   Updated Dec 28, 2021, 6:22 pm CST

In a TikTok posted on Dec. 19 from @dog_and_his_boomer—an account that posts videos about Nala, a service dog— the owner shows an interaction with a woman he’s deemed was “about to Karen.“

The video was filmed on a GoPro-style camera. @dog_and_his_boomer and Nala walk into a store and a woman says, “Oh my gosh.” Then she engages the TikToker in conversation.

“Hey, can I ask where you got your GoPro camera holder?”

The TikToker tells her he got it at Amazon, and she thanks him.

In the overlay text of the video, @dog_and_his_boomer wrote that the woman was “about to Karen, until she noticed the camera on my service dog.”

A majority of the comments on the video said that @dog_and_his_boomer was overstepping to call the woman a Karen.

“Sometimes my tone sounds off,” commented @abbienicolelyons. “She just seemed to be saying oh my gosh bc the dog was cute, this is exactly how I would say it.”

The TikToker responded, telling @abbienicolelyons that she was “wrong.” He added that the woman was reacting to his shirt, which says “f your sensitivity” on it.

“Seriously reaching,” wrote @murasakimizu. “She saw a cute puppy and said ‘oh my gosh’ then asked you an innocent question.”

“You’re the Karen,” commented @sheguessedit.

“Sometimes those who label people as Karen’s are in fact the real Karen’s,” wrote @firemarshal8461.

Others were more unsure.

“I’m really genuinely confused,” commented @undermee3. “What did she do wrong?”

The TikToker responded saying that the woman was “about to” be a Karen and then changed course when she saw the GoPro.

“Hence her delay on the 2nd comment,” @dog_and_his_boomer wrote. He also said that the woman was saying “Oh my gosh” to his shirt.

A select few commenters agreed with the TikTokers assessment.

“He is not wrong,” wrote @laylajackson171. “It was the tone of her voice when she said ‘oh my god.'”

In an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot, @dog_and_his_boomer said that he found the responses to his video “comical,” and would’ve called a man in the same situation a “Karen” as well.

“I made it clear to my fan base she was not reacting to my dog, but the shirt I was wearing,” the TikToker told the Daily Dot. “The only reason i use a go pro [sic] on my dog when out in public is to prevent false accusations against me or the dog.”

This post has been updated to include a statement from the TikToker.

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*First Published: Dec 25, 2021, 5:30 pm CST