woman speaking caption 'Because I got mad at work' (l) woman speaking caption 'And I rage applied to like 15 jobs.' (c) Woman speaking caption 'And then I got a job that gave me a $25,000 raise.' (r)


‘I got a job that gave me a $25,000 raise’: Worker suggests ‘rage-applying’ as the new way to get a raise

‘Keep that resume updated & always be on the lookout for those opportunities.’


Braden Bjella


When it comes to wage increases, advice from career experts and job applicants alike is fairly consistent: change jobs.

Earlier this year, a TikTok user named Christen went viral for saying she earned 20% more after changing jobs. Both Christen and her commenters agreed that company loyalty was seldom rewarded by higher pay.

“My salary journey=60k to 150k. would have taken me years and years to get that staying at one place,” Christen wrote in the caption of her video.

Another TikToker went viral for a similar claim last month, citing a case in which a person was able to increase their income from $48k to $202k annually just a few years later. The reason for this dramatic increase was the earner’s decision to switch jobs twice.

Now, yet another TikToker has come out in favor of the ‘switching jobs to earn more’ strategy.

@redweez Keep rage applying when youre mad 🫶🏼 that energy will push you to greater horizons than the job youre stuck in! #work #milennial #worklife ♬ The Sign – Ace of Base

In a video with over 1.1 million views, TikTok user Red (@redweez) encourages viewers to “rage apply” to jobs, saying that her choice to do so earned her an additional $25,000.

“I got mad at work and I rage applied to, like, 15 jobs,” Red recalls. “…Then I got a job that gave me a $25,000 raise, and it’s a great place to work.”

“Keep rage applying. It’ll happen,” she concludes.

In the comments section, many users shared similar stories.

“Rage applied, then rage negotiated and doubled my salary with a new job,” one commenter wrote. “i was shocked.”

“I applied for jobs in my car during my lunch hour while angry crying & got the BEST job I’ve ever had!” a second exclaimed. “So happy!”

“Starting a new job next month. $35,000 increase in salary and they’re already treating me better than my current place,” a third shared.

“I got the best job of my life rage applying for 20 minutes waiting at the dentist office,” another user recounted. “rage on!”

Other users advised that the job search should be continuous, with every new position providing an opportunity for additional earnings.

“And at LEAST every 2 years even if you’re happy,” one commenter suggested. “Treat your job like anything else in the market like auto/home insurance & the cable provider.”

“When I was in engineering school, my department chair gave me that exact advice during my exit interview. Change companies about every 2-3 years,” another shared.

As one user concluded, “treat your job like they treat you. replaceable!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Red via TikTok comment.

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