Police Station Polly


‘Police Station Polly’ calls Black woman the N-word, ‘cries’ while trying to file police report

'Y'all see this pathetic Amy Cooper sh*t.'

Jun 11, 2020, 8:34 pm*



Moises Mendez II

A white woman, dubbed “Police Station Polly,” was caught on video seemingly trying to file a police report after calling a Black woman the “N-word” during a driving dispute.

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In the video, as the two women walk into the police station, the woman asks Polly, “You wanna tell South Holland, you calling me a [N-word]?”

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Polly begins to apologize to the woman, but she isn’t receptive. “You called me a [N-word],” the woman recording says.

Polly seemingly tries to justify using the racial slur.

“Yeah, well you passed me! I’m so fed up with all this shit!” she says.

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As Polly enters the police station, she tearfully tells the police, “I can’t take this anymore. I’m trying to move out,”

The woman corrects her, “No, she called me a [N-word]. She drove here to cry.”

Polly tries to defend herself with more racism. “She passed me on the left! I witnessed the lootings; I can’t take anymore!” she exclaims.

“You think it’s OK to call someone a [N-word] because you’re tired of looting?” the woman asks.

“Yes, I’m tired!” Polly says. “You guys call each other that!”

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The woman then tells her to “shut the f*ck up!”

Polly then starts crying—or pretending to cry.

“You’re on camera, and you’re the white lady who called someone a [N-word]! It’s f*cking 2020. You’re pathetic!” the woman says to her.

Polly then makes the mistake of continuing to tell the woman that she’s “tired.”

“I’m tired, too. Black people have been tired for 400 years, lady! What the f*ck?” the woman says to her.

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Then the video ends. It’s unclear if any police reports were actually filed.


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*First Published: Jun 11, 2020, 8:33 pm