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‘These are for your pets that you love with all your heart’: Worker exposes pet treat supplier for allegedly selling expired and bug-infested treats

‘There’s a reason why there’s dates on products.’


Natasha Dubash


A TikToker has gone viral for exposing a pet treats supplier for allegedly selling expired and bug-infested products. 

Every pet loves a treat but what would you do if you found out your best friend’s treats were of subpar quality? James Salvinski (@jamesslavinski), who goes by Jim, took to the social media platform to expressly call out his employer, Platinum Pet Treats in Northbrook, IL, for knowingly selling customers expired and unsanitary products.


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In the first video, which received 1.5 million views in the 24 hours since it was uploaded, Jim is sitting in front of a pile of ripped-off sticker tags. He explains they are the expiration tags of the pet treats and that he’s made to “change them so they’re no longer expired, and we can sell them.”

“These are for your pets that you love with all your heart,” Jim says to the camera, adding that he would not give these treats to his own two dogs. “They say they’re fine but there’s a reason why there’s dates on products,” he says. 

“If you want to purchase the products, feel free,” he explains to viewers. “If you don’t, I’m fine with that also. I’m just doing this for your information, and you can make up your own decision on what you would like to do.”

In the comments section, Jim confirmed that he had been fired from the pet store for exposing the expired pet treats and viewers were predictably upset. Many called on pet product distributor Chewy to remove Platinum Pet Treats products from its inventory.

“You’re a good GOOD man! My dogs mean the world to me, I would never risk their health for anything. This is very wrong, I hope they go out of business,” said one person.

“Appreciate you sharing. Rare to find someone with morals and willing to stand behind them,” another user wrote. “FINALLY! Someone that doesn’t wait until they’re fired before calling businesses out.”


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In his second video, Jim says he was also “forced” to go through 30-packs of sausage treats, “making sure there are no bugs or anything in there.” 

Jim then shows the camera an example of an allegedly infested package of pet treats, explaining that the brown dots are feces from bugs. He claims that instead of throwing away any compromised packets, the company instructed him to remove the dead bugs and feces and repackage the sausages in packets of 10. 

“What I’m not doing is opening up and making sure there’s no bugs, larva, or eggs in side these,” he says, holding up a sausage. He does say that since the packs were frozen, the bugs are no longer alive but that he can’t speak to the effect eating them would have on someone’s animal. He also says that it’s another reason why he doesn’t buy any of his employer’s products. 

In a press release, Platinum Pet Treats says that its products “are responsibly sourced in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Romania and being manufactured in the factories located in Spain (Madrid) and Romania (Baia Mare).” They also state that their products are “100% Natural and single ingredient.”

Jim’s second video received over 163,000 views and people in the comments continued to cheer on the pet store whistleblower. 

“Thank you for your courage, integrity, and strength,” said one person, echoing what many in the comments were saying. “This is rare to find these days due to the consequences that may come ur way. We’ll support you.”

“You’re a rockstar but you’re gonna need a lawyer,” another concerned user pointed out. 


♬ original sound – james salvinski

Unfortunately, this user was correct. Jim uploaded a third video in which he confirms that he was contacted representing Platinum Pet Treats. “Hopefully I don’t get sued,” he says.

Jim’s third video received over 32,000 views and a number of users in the comments advised him to get a lawyer of his own and not to speak to the company lawyer without his own representation present. One person also suggested, “I would save your videos somewhere in case they force you to take them down. That way you still have the evidence.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jim via TikTok comment and to Platinum Pet Treats via email.

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