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‘They act like they are losing money’: Customer claims Panda Express weighed his food, put some of it back

'When did this start? I guess it weighed too much?'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jan 23, 2023

A Panda Express customer on TikTok claims the employees at his local store weighed his food before he could receive it.

The TikToker, Toby (@terrifictoby93), suggests that Panda Express is now using a scale to weigh the amount of food the chain serves its customers. He also questions whether or not the practice was new or if the franchise just started implementing it recently.

Other users on the platform remarked that their local Panda Express restaurants have been weighing its portions as well.

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“So when did Panda Express start weighing your food?” Toby asks in the clip. “So I got a plate. I got Chow Mein, fried rice, and orange chicken. The lady takes it, puts it on a scale, opens the container, and scoops some of the food back out.”

This prompted an incredulous response from the TikToker, “What? When did this happen? When did this start? I guess it weighed too much? I was gagged. I almost wanted to tell her, ‘Put those noodles back in, cause I want all that.’ But now, is this new or has my Panda never done it before?”

He continued to express his confusion at the end of the video, asking, “what?” again. Several TikTokers who responded to his clip mentioned that the Panda Express locations they either frequent or work at have implemented a scale measuring system too.

“Yes, the scale is new at mine too. I reported them to my local health dept. you can’t put food back like that. There’s cross contamination,” said.

Others thought that there were simpler solutions Panda Express may want to consider if the chain is worried about over-feeding its customers and taking a financial hit on portions. “why not have measured scoops to ensure consistency?”

Chipotle is a popular chain that has been using measured serving cups for its meal sizes, however, the “accuracy” of these cups varies and often results in people receiving less protein than they thought they were paying for.

In fact, Chipotle has come under fire for paying meticulous attention to the amount of food it gives its customers, and there are a number of longtime fans of the franchise who have sworn off the brand entirely, opting to go to similar eateries like Qdoba or Cava instead, as they purportedly don’t monitor portions as closely.

Reports of Panda Express scrutinizing its portions appear to be yet another instance of fast food franchises giving customers less for their money. A number of popular chains have raised their prices across the board, and some have significantly reduced their portion sizes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Panda Express via email and Toby via TikTok comment for further information.

Some TikTok users who viewed Toby’s post remarked that this new policy would keep them from eating at Panda Express in the future, citing that it was no longer worth it for them. “We got panda the other day and it was wayyyyy less then we normally get. They act like they are losing money,” one user said.

Another remarked, “I stopped going $11 for a plate and they doesn’t even come with a drink and now weighing.”

Others were worried about the potential cross-contamination of different foods. “Im allergic to shellfish. Can you imagine what could happen to me?? Now i know where to avoid,” one user said.

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*First Published: Jan 23, 2023, 2:23 pm CST