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‘Red flags went off immediately’: Food influencer says worker at Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips restaurant told him ‘everything is contaminated’

'That’s a kitchen nightmare bro.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Nov 21, 2022

Professional Mixed Martial Artist and heavily-followed TikToker Keith Lee posted a review of Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips on social media. His scary but matter-of-fact review of the place is grossing tons of other users on the platform out.

Lee, who trains out of Xtreme Couture, regularly posts food reviews of new restaurants, cafes, and menu items/special releases on his TikTok. It seems he was excited to try the celebrity chef’s fish and chips restaurant but was left severely disappointed, and fearful for anyone planning on eating there.

Lee spoke at length about many of the kitchen fouls he observed upon his visit to the Las Vegas Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips location.

“One may ask themselves why am I sitting here empty-handed at home with no food, even though I just left Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips?” he starts in the clip. “Health reasons. Safety reasons. Both of those are true.”

Lee recounts how his first impression of the restaurant was the “terrible” customer service. He says with the restaurant being a 20-minute walk from the parking lot at the Linq Promenade, he wanted to order his food before he got there but no one picked up the phone.

“I walked in and immediately noticed the kitchen did not look that clean,” Lee claims. “It was a bowl, like a metal bowl, full of 20 to 25 pieces of cooked fish that looked freezer cold. It was around open packages. It was around raw fish. It was around other customers’ orders that haven’t been completed yet. It made me uncomfortable. I have a shellfish allergy so my red flags went off immediately. I don’t want to get sick.”

@keith_lee125 Gordon Ramsay’s Fish and chip taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

Lee says that despite spotting these warning signs, he still decided to place his order. His order included some fish, fries, and a shake. He says right before he got his total, he asked the worker if they could make a note to the kitchen that he’s allergic to shellfish.

“All I wanted her to do was go tell the kitchen, ‘hey don’t touch his fish with that lobster. After you get done touching that shrimp go wash your hands because he is allergic to it.’ That’s all I expected,” he says.

Here’s where things got very shocking for Lee as he learned that there is no way he’d be able to eat anything from the restaurant he visited.

“She said, ‘no I can’t do that. Everything here is contaminated.’ Those were her exact words,” Lee claims.

He continues that she claimed the same exact bowls were used for the fish, chicken, lobster, and shrimp. Additionally, the worker allegedly said they use the same oil for the fish, chicken, lobster, and shrimp.

“I’m no expert, but that sounds gross,” Lee says. He claims he tried to ask if she could make an exception for him, but was declined.

“I said, ‘OK what about chicken?'” Lee says he tried again. “She said, ‘no, we’re gonna toss the chicken in the same bowl that we toss the lobster and the shrimp in.'”

“I gladly and kindly turned around and walked my ass out of that building,” Lee concludes his video. “If you want to go, be safe, be careful, I don’t want nobody getting sick. God bless you.”

According to Healthline, cross-contamination can lead to a slew of food-related illnesses that range from stomach pains to severe food poisoning, dehydration, or even death. Different types of raw proteins should generally be kept separate from one another as well, but it’s considered especially dangerous when fish and shellfish are involved.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lee and Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Nov 21, 2022, 7:10 pm CST