woman at table of wedding reception holding wine glass captions 'I got kicked out of my own brother's wedding reception by my own mother -part 2' 'Is she drunk?' 'I think Sophi is drunk' 'mom made an executive decision once I broke a wine glass by setting it down on the table too hard' (l) woman with tongue out with man at wedding reception (c) woman standing outside of wedding reception hand on head caption 'mom walked us to the Uber, deceived me that she was coming home with us she made the right decision to send me home' (r)


‘She made the right choice, i was wrecked’: Woman says mom kicked her out of brother’s wedding

‘I’m not saying you’re an alcoholic but if you have to get kicked out…’


Melina Khan


After a woman’s viral TikTok showed her mom kicking her out of her brother’s wedding, she said there’s no family animosity over the incident.

Sophia Kim (@sophiainsydney) on Saturday posted the video, which showed a compilation of clips from her brother’s wedding in Croatia before she revealed in a voiceover that she was kicked out for being drunk. She said she was nervous about the speech she was giving that night, which led her to drink wine and tequila shots. 

In a text overlay on the video, Kim wrote, “Got kicked out of my brother’s wedding reception by my own mother.” 

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In a follow-up video of Kim at the wedding posted on Sunday, she wrote in the caption that her mom made her leave at midnight, and the wedding ended at 4am. The two videos had a combined more than 4 million views by Tuesday.

“She made the right choice, i was wrecked,” Kim wrote in the caption. 

In the video, Kim sits on her mom’s lap, holding a wine glass she broke after setting it down on the table too hard, Kim wrote in an overlay.

Some users in the comments criticized Kim’s behavior.

“I’m not saying you’re an alcoholic but if you have to get kicked out …” one wrote.

Other commenters supported Kim.

“Nah a wedding means have fun! don’t feel bad you were celebrating,” a commenter wrote.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, Kim said attending her brother’s wedding was an emotional experience. 

Kim is originally from California but has been living in Australia since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to Australia’s lockdown regulations, Kim said the wedding in Croatia was her first time seeing many of her family members since she moved out of the U.S.  

“I basically didn’t get to see any of my family members for over two years,” Kim said. “And so this was the first time I saw my brother in two years and seven months. And then it was the first time I met his wife, Klara … so I think my emotions were just really bubbling up.”

Kim said drinking alcohol was an outlet to deal with her emotions throughout the wedding.

“I think for me, [drinking] was to cope with how I was feeling, so it was kind of like an escape from these emotions,” Kim said.

Despite some commenters saying Kim’s behavior was inappropriate, she said she wasn’t disruptive and that her family didn’t realize she was drunk until she broke the wine glass.

“That’s when my mom was like, OK, this is getting out of control, you need to go home,’” Kim said. “And luckily, Jean, my sister, she has a baby, and so the baby had to go to sleep. So it was like I was a second baby that had to go home and go to sleep, too.”

In response to users who criticized Kim for taking away from her brother’s day, she said her brother didn’t care that she left early.

“He was just like, ‘Wait, how did she get so drunk?’” Kim said. “He wasn’t upset at all. He just thinks it’s crazy that the video has gone viral.”

After her initial video about the incident gained traction, Kim said she decided to post the second video, which her sister had taken of her during the wedding, to add more context to what happened. She said her family supported her in sharing the videos.

“We just all kept cracking up about it, saying it was so funny,” Kim said. “My mom approved, my sister [and] my dad thought it was hilarious. So then I was like, OK, I’m just gonna post it.’ And so then I posted it, I didn’t think that it was going to go as viral as it did.”

Although some viewers disapproved of her actions, Kim said it doesn’t bother her because her family supported her posting the videos. 

“I don’t feel bad about it,” Kim said. “Some people in the comments are like, ‘Why would you post this,’ but we think it’s funny. My family approves of it. So that’s all I care about.”

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