Screenshot from TikTok of text that talks about meeting up with a Tinder guy who showed them a video of throwing a baby bird down a well funny and kicking him out of the car later


Women kick military Tinder guy out of car after he excuses animal abuse, brags about being friends with people who ‘killed people’

'That makes me uncomfortable that you’re friends with people who do that, and you think it’s funny.'


Jennifer Xia


Posted on Jul 27, 2021   Updated on Jul 27, 2021, 1:57 pm CDT

Two women met up with a guy from Tinder, and they ended up kicking him out of their car after he showed them a video of him and his friend throwing a baby bird down a well. 

“That makes me uncomfortable that you’re friends with people who do that, and you think it’s funny,” Cait, or @Caiitnichole on TikTok, says in the video. “It’s weird as fuck.”

The man in the video says it is not animal cruelty because the bird did not die and flew out after.

“You can still abuse an animal without killing it,” Cait says. “What the fuck.” 

Cait fights back further against his definition of abuse and asks how he and his friend could have known that the bird would not have gotten hurt. 

“Can he see the future?” Cait says. “Is he fucking Raven Simone?”

Animal protection laws in Alaska define animal cruelty as anything that “knowingly inflcits severe of prolonged physical pain or suffering on an animal.

Cait revealed in a comment that the man is a private stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, but is originally from Alabama.  


“I’m friends with people that’s killed people, but it’s my job,” the man says. “It’s not abusive if it didn’t get hurt.”

The three end up on the topic of sport hunting, and the man says he doesn’t believe killing animals just because is wrong. 

“Then I believe your morals are fucked up,” Cait says. 

People in the comments section of the video are calling the man a “sociopath” and telling her to warn other women from meeting up with him as well.

“After we left, we were arguing over snap vids and he was MAD that I was saying serial killers so that shit,” Cait wrote in a comment. 

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Others didn’t believe that the bird actually flew out of the well and said he was lying. 

“I think he just said that to make it seem less bad,” one user commented. 

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The Daily Dot was unable to reach Cait for comment, but she wrote in the comments that she is talking to her dad who is a retired warrant in response to a comment asking her to show the video to guy’s higher-ups.

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*First Published: Jul 27, 2021, 1:27 pm CDT