Karen TikTok Travis Scott burger


Karen explodes at TikToker for ordering Travis Scott burger at McDonald’s

'You look like a f***ing dweeb in here talking about Travis Scott burger.'

Sep 15, 2020, 10:24 am


Bryan Rolli 

Bryan Rolli

What happens when an overwhelmingly annoying force meets an immovably irrational object?

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That was the question raised by a redditor in the comments section of a video recently uploaded to r/PublicFreakout, which features a “Karen” and confirmed Travis Scott hater going ballistic on a TikToker ordering a Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s.

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The video starts poorly and only gets worse. The TikTok teen, decked out in an Astroworld hoodie and Supreme headband, asks the McDonald’s employee if he has an extra mask for him to wear inside the store, reasoning that he forgot his own because “I just got over here as quick as I could, Cactus Jack sent me.” He then asks if the McDonald’s employee has any Supreme masks because hell is a place and we all live in it. 

After ordering the Travis Scott meal, the TikToker tries to make small talk with another woman—Karen—waiting for her food. 

“You here for the Travis Scott burger?” he asks. “I already have butterflies in my stomach. It’s like the butterfly effect he talks about, you know?”

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Karen apparently did not know, nor was she pleased with the TikToker’s obsession with the “Sicko Mode” rapper. So furious was she over the Travis Scott meal, in fact, that she called the cops on the TikToker and his friend.

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“You’re sitting here right now filming, so I got the police on the way,” Karen says, mask pulled all the way down to her chin. “You guys are fucking idiots.”

Pandemonium ensues as Karen continues to berate them Cactus Jack stans, and eventually, another man enters the McDonald’s and threatens the TikTokers. (His relationship to Karen is unclear, but they seem to know each other.)

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“I’ll get all of you. Come on out here, buddy,” the man tells the teens.

The altercation spills out into the parking lot, where Karen takes the teens’ pictures “because I’m getting ready to show the police.” (Never mind the fact that she had a nuclear meltdown upon learning that they were filming inside the store.)

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“I literally walked in and ordered something. Back off,” the TikToker says as he’s joined by a friend wearing a hoodie and beanie, which, unsurprisingly, also offends Karen. 

“Look at you! Classy,” she yells at the friend. “You look like a fucking dweeb in here talking about Travis Scott burger.”

The Daily Dot takes a principled stand against Karens of all stripes, but it’s hard to deny that everybody in this video is the worst. Hopefully the Travis Scott burger was worth it. 

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2020, 10:24 am