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Racist ‘Karen’ tells Asian woman to ‘go back to China.’ She’s not Chinese

The 'Karen' also interrogated the woman about her home.

Oct 14, 2020, 12:13 pm



Kahron Spearman

In a now-viral video, a racist and unmasked woman dubbed a “Karen” yells at an Asian family and tells them to “go back to China.”

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The video, which was shared on Facebook on Friday, shows a woman accosting an Asian woman and her daughter in Fremont, California.

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The Asian woman, identified only as Theresa in an ABC 7 News report, said the conversation started with no issues: "When she first introduced herself I said, 'Oh, it's so lovely to meet you.'"

But it went downhill from there. The woman interrogated Theresa about her home. "Whether or not I was a renter," Theresa said. "She even told me how much my house cost."

The video shows the woman approaching Theresa with her phone in hand, yelling racist comments at Theresa and her 10-year-old.

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The woman yells several times, "Go back to China!" Theresa, who was filming the incident, asks the woman to stop coming toward her because she isn't wearing a mask.

Theresa and her daughter aren't Chinese, exemplifying the woman's racism. Anti-Asian racism and xenophobia have increased since the onset of COVID-19. People on Twitter are calling the incident a possible hate crime.

@JennyGShao tweeted: "This Karen should be charged with #hatecrime & #childendangerment. Charging at a mom like that with her child without a mask continually even as she backs away. This is anything but the First Amendment."

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*First Published: Oct 14, 2020, 12:13 pm