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Students recreate Martin Shkreli’s $750-per-pop drug for $2

He doesn’t seem to mind.


Brianna Holt


When Martin Shkreli acquired the rights to Daraprim in 2015, a life-saving treatment for a parasitic infection, he raised the price to $750 per pill from the original $13.50.

For those who find this new price to be outrageously high, there’s good news.

A group of students from Sydney Grammar School recreated the drug for the low cost of $2 per dose. The students cannot sell the drug, however—making it nothing more than a science project.

You’d think Shkreli would be troubled about students reinventing his product for much cheaper, but his Twitter responses say otherwise.

On Thursday Shkreli posted a video to explain his reaction to the Australian students.

As of this writing, Shkreli remains unbothered by the development.

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